Valentines Day Special Story: The Good Wife

On the third knock she opens the door and in he walks, naked as was previously agreed. With a crack of her whip and a barked “sit” the man takes his place on the chair in the middle of the room.

The latex of her body suit creaks as she crosses the room; unsteady on her unfamiliar heels, nerves rising in her stomach. Unsure of how she should start she cracks her whip and the two men whimper.

She picks up the blindfold and throws it in the man’s lap “Put this on, I can barely look at you.” She barks as a moan emanates from the corner.

They had discussed boundaries before the meeting, no names, no kissing, no touching. He’d agreed to all the terms in exchange for humiliation and of course, being watched.

She never really understood the desire behind cock teasing and humiliation, his cock wasn’t even that small, but she wanted to satisfy her husband and as it was important to him she agreed to give it a try.

She nervously laughs as she ties the naked mans hands behind the back of the chair, as per his request.

“Oh you poor little man, look at that tiny little cock. What a disappointment you must be to your wife to be constantly unsatisfied by your cock. I bet she has a man on the side or at the very least a big thick dildo and vibrator that can give her a good fucking when she needs one.” She takes a breath as both men moan.

The naked man on the chair visibly hardens at her teasing and it begins to settle her nerves. She was unsure when it came down to it that she would be able to satisfy both men’s desires, but so far things were going well.

“Look at your little boy cock; you should shave your hair off and stop trying to make it look like a real mans cock. You’re fooling no one. Are you even getting hard? I really can’t tell.”

“I’m sorry Miss but this is me when I am hard.”

She laughs out loud as she hears a shuffle and moan coming from the corner, the man bound to the chair squirms in the seat, his cock beginning to moisten.

She feels herself begin to flush as the blood flows to her pussy, hearing her husband pleasuring himself for her is building her arousal, knowing she will be well rewarded once the session is over.

“If you were my husband I would make you watch as I fuck myself with a nice big thick dildo and only let you have its sloppy seconds. Why should I go unsatisfied just because you have a tiny cock? I still have needs.”

She cracks the whip on the bound mans lap as he squeals with delight.

“Thank you Miss.” He smiles in response.

Next time the crack of the whip hits the shaft of his tiny erect penis and he yelps in pain, before thanking her again.

She recognises the changing in her husband’s breathing, the tell-tale sign that he is close to his release. She walks over to the darkened corner and bends in front of him, cracking the whip against the floor as he bites his lip staring at her rounded arse wrapped in tight latex.

Unsure of what is happening the man in the chair begins to shift nervously sensing that she is behind him.

She teases the whip across his shoulders and then drags the leather across his lips as he sticks out his tongue to lick it.

“Good boy.” She says as she slaps the side of his face with the tip of the whip.

“Now I want to see if you can be a really good boy and give me a nice big load out of that tiny little cock. I want to see that I’m rewarded for my efforts and that I haven’t wasted my time. I know it’s hard for you to be a real man with that tiny cock but I want you to try really hard for me.”

The man squirms in the seat, desperate to touch himself and bring his release as she teases his tiny hard cock with the strains of the whip, dragging it across the throbbing head and slapping his thighs.

She begins to rub her nipple sensing that her husband is close and knowing it will take him over the edge. He wanted to enjoy thinking a strange man was arousing her when really he is all that fills her mind. Everything she does is for him; even teasing the naked stranger is fulfilment of her husband’s fantasy.

She brings the whip down hard on the head of the man’s cock, he stifles a moan and it begins to spurt cum like a dysfunctional fountain, little more than a pathetic dribble and the sad little man sits smiling with cum in his lap.

A moan and gasp in the corner signals her husband’s release and she crosses the room to kiss him before walking back to the naked man and untying him.

“Thank you Miss. I hope you weren’t too disappointed with me. I did try very hard to impress you.” The pathetic little man says as she unties his hands.

All she can think about is getting him out of the room and claiming her reward.

“I can see you were trying to impress me but sadly you failed in that respect. Luckily my husband has a nice big cock and he’ll fuck me like I deserve when I get home. You’ll be a distant memory by the morning.”

She watches the naked man walk to the door and pick up his bag before leaving.

As the door closes big hands wrap around her, unzipping her suit and sliding inside to test her arousal.

“Hmmm my naughty little whore, you’re all mine now.” He whispers as her husband delivers her reward.


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Time to Talk Day 2017

Today is Time to Talk Day raising awareness of mental health issues and that is something that is close to my heart. I have a personal battle with depression and I wanted to share Time to Talk Day and ask you to have a look at how you can help. I’ve logged my conversations for the day and I want to share with you my thoughts.

If you’re struggling today and things maybe aren’t going the way you’d like then please use today to talk to someone about it and to reach out for help. There are no magic wands to fix people or situations but there are people who can be reached out to for help if you are willing to ask.

I believe in the power of having people you can trust to open your heart to without judgement, and how that helps to keep your mental health balanced. I find it a constant struggle to stop the darkness from over taking me when I am in emotional situations and in the past I have been guilty of self-destructive behaviour to make myself believe I am how others make me feel.

If people don’t like me or understand me then that is their loss. I haven’t met anyone like me so maybe that’s why people are confused. I’m not a screw up or an embarrassment – I just don’t walk everyone elses path. I’m an individual, I always have been and when you don’t feel the need to comply people don’t always get you.

For all I do for others and the person I am, I think karma owes me a little bit of happiness. One day it will have to be my turn to get my hearts desire, surely?!

So there you are, that’s how I’m feeling today. Why don’t you tell someone how you’re feeling. Let’s all use today as a Time to Change and a Time to Talk.

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