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12 Ways Being in an Open Relationship Changes Your Sex Life

11 Things Guys Love About Sex That Have Nothing to Do With the Actual Sex

5 Sex Positions You Need If He Orgasms Too Damn Quickly

14 Totally Hot Sex Games You Need to Try

5 Chill Threesome Positions For You and Your Bestie

How to Have Phone Sex Without Feeling Corny AF

11 Sex Cravings All Guys Have

5 Sex Swing Positions for Mind-Blowing Mid-Air Orgasms

5 Sex Positions You Need If He Orgasms Too Damn Quickly

Men’s Health

6 Warning Signs Of Stomach Cancer That Have Nothing to Do With Pain

5 Hot Sex Toys Every Couple Should Try

Yes, There Are Now Fidget Spinners For Nipples

Why Makeup Sex Might Not Be As Effective As You Think

Here’s What You Should Know About Revenge Porn

Stories From My Inbox…

So I hope everyone is recovering from their chocolate overload in the last few days! Let’s see what we have in store this week…

Women’s Health

If You Want A Deeper Relationship, Ask Your Partner These 10 Questions

5 Sex Staples That Will Subtly Spice Up Your Love Life

How To Make Yourself Squirt During Sex

7 Sexologist-Approved Sex Toys Under $20

Men’s Health

​10 Reasons You Should Have Sex Right Now

This Is the Kind Of Porn Women Want to Watch​

This Is When Women Fake Orgasms the Most

This May Be The Simple Key To A Happy Sex Life

Can Watching Porn Really Screw Up Your Relationship?

Gwyneth Paltrow Just Gave 3 Incredibly Great Tips For Anal Sex


6 Married Men Reveal the Secret Turn-Ons They Would Never Tell Their Wives

The 13 Best Lubes You Need to Try Immediately

3 Women Get Brutally Honest About Why They Love or Hate Facials

There’s Yet Another Important Reason to Wear a Condom and It’s Not What You Think

6 Awkward Sex Stories That Will Make You Swear Off Dating

5 Sensual Sex Positions for Deeper, Long-Lasting Orgasms

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Ever Going Down on a Woman

9 People Share Their Weirdest Sexual Encounters


Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week?…

Women’s Health

I know it’s a little late for the actual day, but to me every day should be Valentine’s Day and spoiling the man you love.

9 Sex Positions To Try This Valentine’s Day

Ask Him To Do These Things With His Hands For Hotter Sex

Exactly How To Have A G-Spot Orgasm

9 Things All Sex Shop Employees Want You To Know

I still have a few years to complete the list!

16 Sex Tricks Every Woman Should Try Before Her 40th Birthday

It’s always important to be aware of changes in your body. If there is something you are concerned about then speak to a Doctor as soon as you can. It can be incredibly scary sometimes, but knowing and dealing with the situation is better than ignoring it and risking it getting worse of damaging your health further with worry.

5 Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer Every Woman Should Know

Men’s Health

The Best Text to Send After a One-Night Stand

7 Sex Tips Women Wish You Knew

How to Make Sure She’s Enjoying Sex Just As Much As You Are

Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this Valentine’s Day week?

Women’s Health

‘This Is How Sex Changed For Me After I Stopped Drinking’

‘I Tore My Penis During Sex—Here’s What It Was Like’

30 Women Get Real About What It’s Like to Live With Anxiety—And How They Cope

7 Kick-Ass Sex Toys You Can Get On Amazon Prime

33 Percent Of People Say THIS Is The New Threesome

7 Women Share Their Most Epic Worst Date Stories


16 Things Women Want You To Know About Going Down On Them

9 Tips That Will Make Sex Amazing For Anyone With A Penis

23 Sex Ed Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe Then Laugh Or Cry

17 Amazingly Awful Valentine’s Day Horror Stories That’ll Make You Cringe So Hard


My Weekend at a Sex Lodge

Men’s Health

What to Do If You Want to Have Sex Way More Often Than Your Partner

Stories From My Inbox…

So let’s see what we have in store this week…

Women’s Health

What To Do If You Want To Have Sex Way More Often Than Your Partner

Man With Bionic Penis Must Live With 2-Week Boner Before He Can Have Sex

5 Mythical Orgasms That Sound Too To Be True—But Aren’t

Nearly Half Of Men Have This STD

When He Just Can’t Seem To Orgasm With You

Men’s Health

Man’s 18.9-Inch Penis Is So Big, He Can’t Have Sex


QUIZ: What’s Your Semen IQ?

Wattpad on Cosmo: Going Undercover Under the Covers

9 Kissing Things Men Do That Need to Stop

10 People Reveal Their Wildest and Weirdest Sex Dreams (NSFW)

Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

7 Quiet Sex Positions for Getting Down on the DL

6 Nice Sex Positions to Try This Holiday Season—and Their Naughty Counterparts

Men’s Health

11 Positions That Help You Go Deeper During Sex

25 Tech Gifts That Will Score You Major Points With Your Wife or Girlfriend

The 30 Best Sex Toys

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make In Bed


This time of year makes a lot of us feel a little wanderlust for a new life or some warmer climates but would we really enjoy it?!

What It’s Like to Quit Your Job and Travel the World

5 Non-Penetrative Sex Positions That Will Have You Rethinking Everything

10 Things to Say and Do to Get Better Oral Sex

Meet the Guys Obsessed With the Smell of Vagina

9 Things You Should Know About Porn Addiction

15 Guys Share the 1 Thing They Wish Women Would Do More on Dating Apps

5 Surprising Ways Sex Is Different for Men and Women

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So what do we have in store this week??

A Beginner’s Guide to Rough Sex

10 Sex Problems Only People with Kids Understand

The 4 Sex Positions Guys Say They’d Rather Skip

Remember guys and girls, it’s important to stay on top of your health, if there is something worrying you then see a doctor and get it checked out, for peace of mind if nothing else!

8 Reasons for Blood in Your Panties (Other Than Your Period)

The Number of People Who Are Probably Reading Every Sext You Send

Exactly What Happens When a Guy “Breaks” His Penis, According to an M.D.

This Bedroom Habit Is Crucial for a Happy Relationship

This Is Why People Born in the ’90s Are Having Less Sex

10 Things We Wish Guys Knew About Sending Dick Pics

7 Women Share How Long They Waited to Have Sex with Their Significant Others

How Much Should You Compromise When It Comes to Sex?

Your 7-Step Guide to Nailing Tantric Sex on the First Try

Men’s Health

Ask a Doc: Are Hairy Moles Cancerous?

How to Beat Swamp Crotch

3 Reasons She’s Not Getting Off—and What to Do About It

4 Sex Positions That Will Help Her Climax Faster

The Smoothest Way to Invite a Woman Over For Sex


12 Places He Wants to Have Sex That Aren’t Your Bed

This is What Happens to Your Brain When You Orgasm

10 Things That Will Absolutely Happen When You Take a Romantic Bath

12 Awkward Things That Happen When You Have Sex With a New Partner

This Is the Proper Response When Someone Last-Minute Bails on a Sex Date



Stories From My Inbox…

So lets see what we have in store this week…


5 Anal Sex Positions To Try

12 Things That Matter More Than Penis Size

12 Nonsexual Skills That Suggest Someone Is Going to Be FIRE in Bed

6 of the MOST Awkward Breakup Stories You Will Ever Read

The 9 ~Super~ Stupidest Things Couples Fight About

Women Are Happier in Relationships When Their Partners Believe This 1 Thing

Is It Normal to Gag During a Blow Job?

These 9 Stories of People Who Caught Their Partners Cheating Are Next Level

Men’s Health

6 Kama Sutra Sex Techniques That Make Missionary Even Hotter

6 Things Every Man Should Know About His Penis

The Man’s Guide to Kinky Sex

Your Risk Of Melanoma Skyrockets If This Body Part Gets Sunburned

You Know About the G-Spot, But What About the A-Spot?

5 Common Medications That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Here’s Exactly How She Wants You to Touch Her Clitoris

How to Seamlessly Flow From Doggie to Flatiron, and 4 Other Hot Sex Transitions

1 In 6 People Has a Sex Fetish. A Neuroscientist Explains Why

The 4 Steps to Giving Her Multiple Orgasms

The 7th Most-Common Killer Of Men—and How You Can Avoid It

6 Things Every Man Needs to Know About Vasectomies

5 Methods For Stopping Hair Loss (and Possibly Even Growing Some Back)

Women’s Health

What Does It Mean if Your Partner Chooses Porn Over Sex with You?

5 Ways to Make Sex with Condoms Feel SO Much Better

6 Roadblocks Keeping You from Having Great Sex, Solved by Love Doctors

8 Totally Not-Dumb Period Questions You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask

Dudes Are AirDropping Dick Pics—and You Could Be a Target

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So what do we have in store this week?


This article made me laugh…

You Will Only Understand These Charts If You’ve Had Sex With A Penis

I do enjoy the odd quiz!

Prove You’re A Sex Genius By Scoring More Than 69% On This Quiz

Women’s Health

8 Reasons Why Being a Grown-Ass Woman with a Crush Totally Sucks

9 Crucial Facts You Should Know About Your G-Spot

8 Ways You Turn Guys on Without Saying a Word

These 5 Gentle Moves Are Your Sexual Secret Weapons

4 Practical (but Weird AF) Uses for Semen That Don’t Involve Impregnating Someone

These 5 Mind Tricks Can Make Sex So Much Hotter

5 Masturbation Experiences to Check Off Your Bucket List

Can Circumcision Mess with a Guy’s Sex Life? Science Explains

Men’s Health

5 Ways Running Affects Your Penis and Balls

Are You Masturbating Wrong?

10 Bogus Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

What It Means If You Feel a Lump On Your Balls

4 Sex Positions She Wants More Than Missionary

The Real Reason ‘Blue Balls’ Hurts So Much

8 Simple Strategies for Stronger Erections


How Much Do Porn Stars Actually Enjoy Sex?

19 Kinds of Guys Every Twentysomething Is Sick of Dating

6 Women Share How They Made Their Sex Lives Hotter

10 Things That Make Him Fall Even More In Love With You


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So let’s see what we have in store this week in my inbox…


18 Crazy Blow Job Horror Stories From Twentysomething Women

Not one for the faint hearted but interesting none the less!

This Video Shows How Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery Really Works

Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Your Birth Control?

Women’s Health

5 Things Guys Think When You Talk Dirty to Them

Men’s Health

Why Moving In Together Kills Your Sex Life—and What to Do About It


15 Masturbation Myths We Somehow Still Believe

The Offensive Belief Keeping Men From Going Down On Women

What Nobody Tells You About Being A Call Girl

A Female Perspective On How It Feels To Give & Receive Oral Sex

Is Manspreading Sexy?!

Why I, Like J-Lo, Refuse To Sext

7 Crucial Factors That Affect Young Women’s Sex Lives

Steamy Sex Positions To Try Tonight

Free Virtual Reality Porn Is Here — Whether You Want It Or Not


17 Things Anyone With A Penis Needs To Know About Getting Tested

29 Things People Wish They Knew About Anal Sex Before Trying It

28 Sex Toy Tips That Will Make You Say “Oh Yes”

People Confess The Weirdest Things They Used To Believe About Sex