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Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

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Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health


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Saved By A Big Black Cop

Saved By A Big Black Cop is now on general release at all your favourite retailers. If you haven’t downloaded it already, why not brighten your Sunday with a new hot read!

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Annabelle leaves her boyfriend Sam’s house late one night, dressed in her skimpy schoolgirl lingerie to drive home. The night is dark and the road is lonely, her car breaks down with no mobile signal and her battery is running low. She’s left to sit in the cold car alone with only a light jacket to cover her.

Her mind plays tricks on her as she waits for daybreak. She thinks of all the horror movies she’s seen and imagines madmen appearing from the trees and attacking her. A car pulls up behind her and a dark figure knocks on the window. It could be anyone but luckily for Annabelle it’s a police officer.

As they wait in his car for the tow truck, after his stressful night, the officer needs a sexual release and Annabelle’s state of undress is the catalyst. When he can’t hide his arousal any longer Annabelle decides to thank him properly for saving her.

Whilst waiting for the tow truck they use the police car to explore each other’s desires, parked up on the side of the dark lonely road with only the cars headlights to guide them.

Will one night of hot roadside passion turn out to be the start of a very beautiful friendship?

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So what do we have in store this week?

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So what do we have in store this week?

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Day I want to put some focus on Mental Health this week as it is so important. As someone who suffers on and off from low mood, depression and low self esteem I cannot stress enough that there is help out there for people if and when you need it.

It takes a lot of guts to ask for help and you have to be ready for it when you do but learning how to cope with your feelings and developing ways to recognise triggers and deal with them is invaluable to helping you through the episodes.

There is no shame in suffering from depression or any form of mental illness, more people than you can imagine suffer from it but many don’t feel comfortable to talk about it.

I was given a course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy online by my GP which helped me to learn about the things that bring on my episodes of low mood and depression and how I can recognise them and work to move through them.

I took the online course as the waiting list for face to face therapy meant I would have to wait longer for help and I wanted to feel better and not wait. I was assigned a Therapist who monitored my coursework and arranged times to call and speak to me so I wasn’t alone and had someone to guide me. It was run by the Healthy Minds service in my area, ask your GP how you can access the service in your area.

Don’t suffer in silence, be strong and ask for help, don’t hide from the people you love, let them help you when you need it.

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If you do want some help or advice about mental health then have a look at the links below where you may find some advice that can help you.

Where’s Your Head At?

Rethink Mental Illness

Mental Health Foundation

How to access mental health services in the UK