Halloween Party Fun…

I close the door behind me, collapsing headfirst into the cushions on the sofa as the giggling starts, finally stopping long enough to pull myself upright in the chair. I glance at the clock on the wall and watch as the hands turn to 12. A smile breaks out across my face.

As I go to stand I realise how much my body aches. I need to have a shower and wash the night off me but I don’t want to just yet. I raise my arm to my face smelling him on my skin and breathing it in deeply.

Walking slowly to the bathroom, every step a painful effort, I’m almost unable to bend to turn on the bath taps, and have even less energy to stand in the shower. In the bedroom I catch my reflection in the full length mirror.

Last night I was a tempting beauty wearing my new corset and suspenders with only a trench coat to spare my blushes as I walked through the streets. My reflection now is not quite as polished.

If it wasn’t for Kira I wouldn’t have gone to the party last night. Since my relationship ended I’ve been lost in a dreamlike state. Wondering how I will live without the part of me that is missing. In my heart I feel we will find our way back to each other at some point in the future, too far away to see.

“So what are you going to do in the meantime? It’s not like he’s sitting at home pining after you, is it? He’s probably shagged half of London by now.” She said one night when the ache of missing him was particularly bad.

She was supposed to be coming to the party with me, but at the last minute she met a gorgeous guy who had a body you wanted to lick stuff off all day long. I couldn’t blame her for taking the opportunity to meet him. What if she had said no and he met someone else, I would never forgive myself.

But the thought of attending another party on my own wasn’t exactly appealing. I had no idea how I would get myself into the costume I’d chosen without help, so we reached a compromise.

She would come to my house to get ready and help me into my costume. The party was on route to her date at a restaurant in town so she would drop me off and pick me up later if it suited us both.

So there we were in my bedroom, Kira trying to shoehorn me into this corset, that turned out to be ever so slightly too small and made my ample assets slink over the top just a little too much.

We laughed constantly as she wrestled to fit me in. Although how I managed to laugh with my insides being wrangled and squashed I had no idea.

Once she finally managed to squeeze me all in, I stood in front of the mirror, not recognising the woman who stared back.

My immediate thought was how much Roman would have loved that outfit. I blushed at the thought of his deep brown eyes gazing back at me, holding my stare as he lead me to the bedroom for a night of dirty fun.

I got the idea of wearing the corset from a book I was reading. On the nights Roman stayed over he would lie with his head on my chest, as I read out loud, waiting for that moment I would feel him fall into a deep sleep against me.

I suddenly remember turning on the bath taps and run into the bathroom, catching the water on the brink of overflow. I try to put my arm in to grab the plug but it is too hot, so I go back to the bedroom to wait for it to cool.

Standing in front of the mirror, I twist and turn to take in the corset from all angles, enjoying the bright blue of the silk against my pale skin. The corset gives my figure a nice shape, bringing out my hourglass curves and making my breasts look huge.

I smooth the ruffling of the silk around my hips, trimmed with ribbon and lace and admire the way the front and back hang down into a skirt.

I trace my fingers across the black lace trimming the cups of the bra and catch my fingers in the centre bow, sliding my hands down the black embroidery trailing down my rib cage, tracing its outline down to the ribbon bows on my hips that scallop the skirt.

I turn to see the back, laced in black ribbon over the blue silk, finishing just above my pert bum in a spiralled blue silk flower. Beneath that is a layer of fine black lace shaped around the curves of my bum, laid on top of two layers of ruffled of blue silk scalloped to trail down the back of my shapely thighs.

I finished the outfit with black lace top hold up stockings, with a hint of blue ribbon traced through the cuffs and to set it all off, calf length black leather and suede boots with a high heel, long since removed to save my aching feet.

Standing at the mirror in the harsh light of day, the reflection staring back at me is no longer sexy and ready for action. It’s more drunken mess. My mascara stained face, tangled tendrils that were once perfect, smudged makeup, an aroma of sex and male musk but I can’t help but smile. I look and feel like a used up whore and I couldn’t be happier.

Under the skirt of my corset I was wearing a matching blue silk thong, edged in black ruffled lace and as I take it off I notice it is stained with last night’s exploits.

I look down at my once pristine stockings; now sporting more than one ladder and I realise the elasticity of the cuffs has gone leaving them sagging down my legs.

I begin to pull at the ribbon lacings to release myself from the corset, walking back to the bathroom to ready the water. This time I manage to pull the plug and drain just enough so I can submerge myself.

I hunt out some bubble bath I had been given for Christmas and pour it liberally into the water, swishing with my hand to activate the bubbles.

Finally I manage to release myself from my bindings, letting out a deep breath and feeling strange at having the full use of my ribcage once more. I set the corset down carefully on the bathroom chair, wanting to treat it like the delicate and beautiful thing that it is. I have no idea how I am going to clean it but that is a worry for later.

Just as I go to climb into the bath a memory pops up in my mind of last night and I run to the bedroom to pick up my box of toys, I have a feeling I might be needing them.

I lay in the bath, the warm water lapping against me, relieving my aching muscles as I feel myself begin to relax.

I stare at the corset on the chair, a smile creeping across my face and close my eyes to relive last night. But as soon as I do Roman’s face fills my mind and I become instantly aroused, he always had that effect on me.

I picture him walking through the bathroom door as he had so many times before, slowly undressing before climbing into the bath with me and pulling me onto his lap so I can snuggle into his arms.

I can feel his big arms wrap around me and pull me into him tightly. We would lie like that for a while until the water began to get cold, just talking. He used to wrap strands of my hair around his fingers and play with it as we talked.

Then his big hands would start to explore my body, cupping my breasts and playing with my nipples as I ground my hips into his groin awaking his desire. It never took long for him to be fully hard and ready for action. He would lift me up so I could slide down onto him and build my own rhythm until we both climaxed.

I opened my eyes and tried to remember the last time he walked through the door but I couldn’t picture it anymore. The months we had been apart were beginning to dull the memories and although some still came flooding back like they were yesterday I was forgetting parts of them. It was like losing him all over again.

I shook my head to free the melancholy that was taking me over and closed my eyes once more. This time I was back in the drawing room of last night’s house party and someone dressed as Batman had just walked in.

I was hiding because a man dressed as a Wookiee kept pinching my bum and I needed some breathing space. I found the drawing room in the hope of calling Kira in the quiet to see if she could give me a ride home. I didn’t fancy sitting on the bus in my corset even if you couldn’t see it under the trench coat.

That was when Batman offered me a drink. “You look like you could use one of these pretty lady.” He said in a put on accent that made me smile.

“Thanks Batman, but haven’t you got some damsels in distress to save?” I said.

“I thought that was what I was doing.” He replied with what looked like a smile from what I could see of his face and that was how it started.

Suddenly I realise the water is completely cold and I need to get out of the bath as I am beginning to shiver. I stand up, grabbing a fluffy white towel to wrap myself in and go the bedroom in search of clothes.

I open my underwear drawer and take out my most comfortable bra and panties. My body is still aching from the corset and last night and it needs to feel comforted.

From the wardrobe I grab my leggings and an oversized T-shirt that Roman left behind and quickly get dressed, pulling on a pair of old socks and sliding my feet into my comfortable slippers.

As I bend to pick my handbag off the floor and find my phone my stomach rumbles and I realise I can’t remember the last time I ate.

I grab my laptop and phone and go to the kitchen in search of bacon. I set the laptop on the sofa and turn it on while shoving some bacon in the microwave and flicking the kettle on.

A couple of minutes later and I am tucking into a bacon sandwich with half brown and half red sauce washed down with a hot cup of tea. I feel my body completely relax and an excitement build inside me.

I have to tell Kira about last night while it is still fresh in my mind but I have no idea where she is or what she is doing. I decide to open an email and just type it all out. She will think I’m mad but she will love reading it when she gets the chance.

In my excitement I completely forget about checking my phone and just leave it on the table. I open a fresh email, take a deep breath and start typing…

Hi K,

You’re going to think I’m weird writing this instead of calling, but I need to get it all down before I forget and I have no idea when we’ll speak.

You know you dropped me off at that party last night? Well it was really boring and by really boring I mean I wanted you to pick me up by 10pm and I got there at 8.30pm.

It was weird being there without Ro, but I know I’m not supposed to be talking about him. You have to admit he would have been all over me in that outfit!

Anyway, I got talking to a nice guy dressed as Captain America, well until his girlfriend came and dragged him away, giving me a right dirty look. It wasn’t as if we were doing anything, we were talking about cheese for God’s sake.

After that a man dressed as the Incredible Hulk came over to talk to me. I could see him walking over but wasn’t quick enough to get away. Honestly I have more muscles on one leg than he had in his whole body, and the green paint was sliding off him he was sweating that much. He kept staring at my breasts the whole time he was talking to me and he had really bad breath. But luckily I spotted Alan and he saved me by pretending to be my date.

Alan had brought a date so that cover didn’t last long and once a guy dressed as a Wookiee started pinching my bum I’d pretty much had enough and was ready to leave. I made an excuse to get away from him by mumbling something about needing the toilet.

Luckily I found this quiet room and slumped into a chair. I was just hunting for my phone to call you when Batman walked in and offered me a drink.

This guy looked like the real deal. He had a lifelike costume that must have cost him a fortune, it was thick rubber and the abs were perfectly sculpted. He was tall, slim built and he put on this accent that sounded a bit like Batman from the movies.

I asked him if he shouldn’t be off saving damsels in distress and he said “I thought that was what I was doing”. He’d been watching me and saw all the creepy guys hitting on me, so he thought I could use a nice guy to talk to.

He was really flirty but not in a bad way, but all I could see was his eyes. They were really beautiful, a deep hazel brown and reminded me a bit of ‘he who shall not be named’. I think a part of me wanted it to be him, I miss him so much.

Anyway, we sat talking for a while and then he asked if he could kiss me. He rolled back his mask enough to uncover his mouth and when we locked lips I felt a shiver down my spine.

He said it was the most electric kiss he’d ever had so I leaned in and kissed him again. I don’t know why but I ended up straddling him, and kissing him deeply as he wrapped his arms around me and we just sort of melted together.

You know me; I don’t normally kiss strange men, let alone straddle them in unfamiliar drawing rooms. I could sense he wanted me so I didn’t see the harm in seeing where it would go.

I mean I’ve practically been a nun since Ro left so I needed a bit of male attention if you know what I mean. My toys just haven’t been cutting it lately.

Before I knew it I felt his erection growing under me and it was good. But he stopped me and I thought this is it. This is the bit where he says his married, and just wants to fuck me like a whore and go back to his wife, but he didn’t.

He asked if I would sit on his face as he wanted to taste me I felt so wet. So he lay down on the floor and I went to sit on his face.

But then out of nowhere I found myself saying, if he was going to do that then it was only fair I got to taste his cock. I mean it felt pretty impressive through that costume and I had this sudden urge to taste it.

So he turns on his side and I unzip his costume, rolling it off him down to his knees and I swear every inch of skin that I saw was perfect. Those abs on the costume were nothing compare to the abs underneath it.

I mean you could lick them all day and not get tired. He was all sweaty from wearing the rubber and I just wanted to lick every inch of him I was so horny.

So anyway there I was lying on top of Batman, he’s still got his mask on rolled up to his nose and my arse is in his face and he really knows what he is doing. I mean Roman was pretty impressive when he went downtown but this guy was something else.

So I start the rub the outline of his cock through his boxers and I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. I’ve got this urge to be so nasty with it. I pull down his boxers and there it is.

I swear this thing was as big as a baby’s arm. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry it was so hard and there were these veins throbbing and the head was just OH MY GOD.

So that was it, I had to just go for it and I’m thinking I’ll never get that monster cock in my mouth. But after I licked it, and spat on it a bit, it started going in further and I can feel him moaning as he’s tongue is fucking me so I know I’m doing ok.

I start to play with his balls and these things were huge, they barely fit in my hand but he seemed really responsive. So I start running his cock over my face and running my nose along it and as I do I feel his fingers go inside me and I jolt.

I start to lose focus as he begins to finger fuck, lick and suck me, and I know I’m about to cum, and it feels so good, but I’m supposed to be playing with him, so I just start wanking him off hard until I’m almost screaming in ecstasy.

When he comes up for air he says “Please can I watch you suck my cock now?” So I turn round and kneel in between his legs and start going to town on his cock. I mean I’m trying everything and he’s just staring at me, his eyes never leaving mine, moaning at everything I do but he’s taking ages to cum.

My jaw and arms are starting to ache, when I see his legs start to twitch, and I think ok he’s close so just go for it and he’ll be done. I shove this cock as far as I can in my mouth, and squeeze his balls tight, and I feel his load shoot down my throat as his hand goes into my hair holding me down.

I look up through my tear stained eyes and I swear this guy starts crying, and mumbling about that being the best blow job he ever had, and how no one can usually last that long, and just moans about his size. I’m just lying there thinking there are advantages to having a big mouth.

So then comes the awkward bit, what happens after you suck off a complete stranger and make him cry? I have no idea what to do; do I comfort him or get up and leave?

I go to get up off the floor and say goodnight thinking he got what he wanted, when he grabs my hips and pulls me down onto him. I fall into his lap and he starts kissing me and playing with my breasts.

I look to the door and realise its closed, but start to worry as we must have been in there a while. I start to think we are bound to get caught. But then how often can you say you fucked Batman in the drawing room, so I just went with it.

But then I started panicking, what if he doesn’t fit? I mean I’d never tried to fuck a cock that big before, what if I can’t do it? Then I start getting wet, like really wet and he’s kissing me and turning me on and I forget all about it.

He lays me back on the floor and looks deep into my eyes and says “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, I know what I’m doing.” I look down and his cock is standing to attention and all I can think about is what it will feel like.

I’m throbbing for him in places I never knew existed. Up until that point Roman was the best I’d ever had, he was perfect for me in every way, and it was like we were made for each other. I’d always been so satisfied but this was something else.

At first he just rubbed himself all along my pussy getting my wetness on him, then he started to dip his fat head inside me, and as he did I could feel him opening me up. Then he started to play with his fingers inside me stretching me a bit wider.

This time he managed to slide his head all the way in and I’ve never felt anything like it. He started riding me, sucking on my breasts and biting on my nipples, rocking hard into me with each thrust going a little deeper.

It was like nothing I ever felt before. It was hurting but the pleasure outweighed the pain. He wasn’t lying when he said he knew what he was doing. He was reading my body like he’d known me for years, he wasn’t just going at it and taking what he wanted. I mean it took Ro ages to read me like that.

Batman kept taking me close and then backing off so I would experience multiple orgasms before he caught up and we eventually came together. He literally made me scream, so I had to cover my mouth with a cushion off the chair but man was it worth it.

He pulled out of me and lay on his back next to me on the floor and my whole body was tingling. I could feel his cum sliding down my thighs and I was thinking of the mess we’d made on the floor but I didn’t care.

I still had no idea what he looked like, he wouldn’t let me take his mask off, he said he wanted to remain Batman and remember me as Batgirl and that sounded like fun. As it was going to be just for one night, I wanted to have a much as I could take.

I started to run my fingers along the shaft of his cock, just lightly touching him but I could feel him start to pay attention. His hand slid down my body into my thong, he hadn’t even bothered taking it off, he just pulled it to the side. His fingers started slipping inside me and pushing down on me building pressure and before I knew it I was straddling him on the floor.

I undid the top of my corset and took my heavy breasts out so he could play with them. I started to grind my hips in figure 8’s into his groin, as his hands explored my breasts.

Then I lifted myself up and brought myself down hard on his cock, I felt this pain shoot through me and God knows what my face looked like because he immediately said “Are you ok?”

I thought I was but when I tried to move it really hurt so he told me to sit up and he pulled out of me. He looked me straight in the eye and said I was a ‘silly girl’ and I needed to be much wetter if I was going to do that. Then he kissed me on the nose and started teasing me and making me wet again.

I sat grinding my hips on him letting him do whatever he wanted until I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed him inside me. But this time I was much more sensible and took him slowly until he was almost fully inside me and it felt incredible.

I could tell he was enjoying watching my breasts bouncing around as I rode his cock as he grabbed handfuls of my arse and it turned me on so much.

I always loved Ro spanking me; he used to know exactly what I liked. Afterwards it would be sore to sit for a while but it turned me on so much when I thought about it, so it was nice to have that again.

This time as he was getting close to cumming he pulled my legs around his waist and I gripped him tight as he rocked hard into me. We both came hard together and I fell back on the floor as I was so tired.

He pulled me up and I kissed him on the lips, reaching my hands to his face to take off the mask, I wanted to see his face. But he pulled my hands away and moved me off him.

He jumped up off the floor, pulling on his clothes and offering to help me dress. I caught sight of the time and it was the early hours of the morning.

I had no idea how I would get home and wondered if he would ask me to leave with him. He asked me to zip up his suit and said goodnight, kissing me on the cheek and telling me to get home safely before he left.

I sat in the chair wondering what to do next, a big smile on my face, my corset dress displaying wet patches and creases in places from our exertions. I must have fallen asleep because I heard a loud bang and woke up at 10.30am.

Suzanne was making a point of being as loud as she could to wake me, you know what she is like. She practically threw me out the house without even so much as a coffee. But she called me a cab so I can’t complain.

But you know what, something is bugging me about last night. I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen Batman somewhere before but I can’t picture where. If you were there you would have known!

Can you believe I would be so reckless? Me your vanilla friend who you always tease for only ever being with one man? Well we can make that two now!

I better go, when you read this give me a call, no doubt you’ll have questions.

Oh and I want details about your date, speak later.

Cassie xxx

I hit send and turn on the TV, leaving the laptop open on the sofa next to me. I sit watching some old movie I’ve seen a hundred times, tracing my finger across my lips and feeling the warmth of Batman’s kiss.

It’s then I remember I haven’t checked my phone all day. I grab it from the table and unlock it seeing a whole load of unopened texts and missed calls, and one unopened social media message.

I open it assuming it will be Kira and hope I didn’t miss anything important but to my surprise it’s from Roman. I close the message unread and trawl through the texts and missed calls. Deleting numerous text offers for reduced pizzas and PPI claim calls.

Not wanting to spoil my day just yet, I decide to make a cup of tea before reading the message from Roman.

I sit nursing a packet of chocolate digestives, suddenly ravished with hunger and a hot cup of tea, flicking through the channels looking for something to distract me from the nagging voice in my head.

I’ve missed Roman so much I can barely cope at times, but something was stopping me from reading the message. In the months since we parted any contact we’d had brought me more disappointment and after each contact I had to deal with the pain of losing him all over again.

I knew the message probably wouldn’t be anything good and I wasn’t ready to face it. I tried calling Kira but it went straight to voicemail, she was obviously still tied up with her date, and knowing her that might have been literally!

I can’t put it off anymore, I take a deep breath and open the message:

Thanks for a great night Batgirl, I’ve missed you, call me sometime? Ro xx

My hands tremble as I read the message, how could I have been so blind?

Before my mind can begin to register what I’ve read the phone rings “Hi Kira, you’re never going to believe what’s happened”…

Hotels and Spankings…

Hotels and Spankings

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I’m currently working on some new material with the provisional title Fucked By His Double. I’m hoping to have it finished in the next couple of months ready to publish. I might even post a taster here when I have something good edited 😉


Watching Football With Friends…

Watching Football with Friends

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If you decide to you want to download the full version you can find links to all available outlets here. When you finish reading the full story then please consider leaving a review, even if it is just picking a number of stars!

If you enjoy Watching Football With Friends you might also enjoy Naughty Nine Anthology and Hotels and Spankings.

I’m currently working on some new material with the provisional title Fucked By His Double. I’m hoping to have it finished in the next couple of months ready to publish. I might even post a taster here when I have something good edited 😉

New Story: Our First Night…

I slowly open my eyes and begin to focus on my surroundings, taken aback for a moment by the sight of the beautiful man lying beside me.

The night before we met for the first time, after talking online for months. I was nervous about meeting in a hotel but as we lived miles apart it made sense and we had booked separate rooms so there was no pressure.

We had a few drinks in the increasingly rowdy bar before he suggested finding somewhere quieter to talk and invited me to his room. I was nervous as he took my hand, leading me out of the crowded bar and into the warren of corridors; but the nearer we got to his room the more I settled.

As he opened the door I saw the beautiful room behind him and my heart jumped. There was the biggest four-poster bed I have ever seen, and past that a seating area in front of tall glass doors leading onto the balcony, lit by the stars from the bright night sky.

It was the most romantic setting I could have imagined and far better than the pokey little room I booked for myself.

He led me to the chairs and we sat talking as he poured us another drink. After my initial nerves I didn’t expect to feel so relaxed but he put me at ease and very quickly it was like we had known each other for years rather than hours. We laughed and joked as we talked about our favourite TV shows and realised how much we had in common.

He stood and stretched his back then walked towards me and held out his hand “Time for bed I think.” He said staring down into my eyes as I took his hand and lead me to the bed.

He sat next to me and placed his hand on my thigh, tracing his thumb across it before leaning in and kissing me gently on the lips. We fell back onto the bed and he rolled on top of me, deepening the kiss.

I relaxed my body as one hand found a home in the thickness of his jet black curly hair and the other reached down into the band of his trousers to explore his sweet behind.

He stopped kissing me and leaned back. “Cheeky tiggling my bum” he said with a wink and pulled my legs apart before falling on top of me again and kissing me with a growing urgency.

I began to move against him, to show my intention and he didn’t disappoint. He stopped kissing me and leaned back on his toned arms, I was gripped by the stare of his gorgeous hazel eyes. “Too many clothes I think.” He said as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, my hands instantly stroking the thick dark hair on his chest.

He stood up and pulled me to the edge of the bed, sliding his hands up my long legs and rubbing against my crotch before undoing the button and zip and slowly pulling my trousers down. He kissed my skin as it was revealed until my legs were completely bare.

“Nice knickers” He smiled before falling on top of me again. This time he lifted my shirt and kissed the bare skin of my shapely stomach beneath.

“Are you ok? You seem really quiet all of a sudden.” He said staring up at me.

“Yes, I’m very ok.” I said pulling him down on top of me and kissing him hard, moving against his tight trousers which were beginning to strain against the zip.

I rolled him over and leaned back. “My turn.” I said as I slowly traced my hands up his thighs and began to lick the front of his trousers ready to release what I was sure was to be an impressive erection.

I slowly pulled down the zip and opened his trousers to see his tight boxers being stretched under the weight of his cock.

I pulled his trousers off urgently, my pussy aching with desire for him making the crotch of my knickers wet. He jumped off the bed and grabbed me, turning me around so he could take off my shirt and revealing the matching bra to the black silk and lace knickers.

“Very nice tits” He said grabbing them as I could feel his erection pressing into me from behind. He pushed me down onto the bed and fell on top of me, grinding his erection against my shapely bum before turning me over.

“Fuck, I love your arse and your massive tits. I’m going to really enjoy this.” He said roughly pulling my knickers off as I tried to free his erection from his boxers.

Before I knew what was happening, his mouth was on mine again, biting at my lip as my legs were wrapped around his waist. His hard cock pressing against my pussy, aching for it to be inside me.

I felt his hand move down and slowly he guided his cock into me, going deeper with every stroke until I felt all of him inside me. He stopped as he filled me and I drank in the sensation of him wrapped around me. His mouth biting at my neck, his hard cock filling me and the scent of his aftershave making me giddy with lust and then he began to move and the sensation was amazing.

The way his body fitted with mine, the pressure of him grinding against my clit as his sucked hard on my breasts, tracing his fingers against my erect nipples and pinching them to heighten the sensation. He was taking his time and I had never experienced such care before.

I loved the weight of him on top of me, pressing me into the soft bed and keeping me warm, like my own personal radiator. The sound of his soft gentle moans of desire as his plump lips covered my hard nipples, his breath and wetness driving me wild as I moaned in delight.

The intensity was like nothing I had experienced before. My previous sexual encounters usually ended in my disappointment, so I hadn’t really enjoyed sex until now so I was hoping the night would never end.

When our release finally came it was simultaneous and deep, rich with sensation on a level I never thought I would experience.

Instead of grunting, rolling over and falling asleep he pulled me closer to him, so I could wrap my body around him and we fell asleep satisfied and exhausted in each other’s arms.

Lying here now, with this beautiful man inches away from me, I can’t help but want him again. I pull back the covers to look at our entwined legs, his soft caramel skin underneath my pure white, freckled skin. My smooth soft legs wrapped around his toned manly legs covered in thick dark hair.

His broad muscular chest covered in dark hair that I can’t stop my fingers exploring. The comfort and safety I felt being held in his strong arms is something I will never forget, and after this night always crave.

I could stare at his handsome features all day and never tire. His beautiful eyes make me melt, I ache to kiss his perfect plump lips, his strong jaw covered in a well-kept beard and the cute little wrinkle in his nose that I find so adorable.

But he is far more than just good looks. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and in the time we talked he became a close friend. Even if it is only for one night I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I glance at the clock and see our time together is running out. Check out is in a few hours and from there who knows if and when we will ever meet again.

I want him to wake up so we can be together again before it’s time to leave, but his gentle snoring and quiet moans are so adorable that I’m torn.

There is something that I wanted to do last night but I didn’t get the chance. I’d never enjoyed it before but my friend told me with the right person it can be empowering.

My past experience was of overzealous guys holding my head down and making me gag as they shot cum down my throat without warning and never called me again. But I have a feeling this time will be different.

As I slide under the covers and settle in between his strong legs I am unsure of how to begin. I stare up at him from under the covers, planting soft gentle kisses along his strong thighs, as he sleepily opens his beautiful eyes, trying to register what is happening.

As my confidence builds I slowly begin to lick and gently suck his balls before planting wet sloppy kisses on the hardening shaft of his impressive cock. I hadn’t really seen it the night before, but I knew he felt good inside me. Now I’m up close and I am not disappointed.

Although it isn’t the longest cock the thickness is perfect and he filled me in a way that others hadn’t. The more I kiss, lick and suck the harder he gets until he is fully erect. At this point I imagine him grabbing my head and forcing me down but he doesn’t.

He stares at me the whole time, mumbling the odd “good girl” and closing his eyes to deepen the moment.

I reach up to hold his big hand and he locks our fingers together, drawing his thumb across my hand as I take his hard cock in my mouth. It fills my mouth comfortably as I begin to slide up and down, sucking gently.

I rub his balls in my hand as I increase the pace, pressing my knuckle behind his balls. I stop sucking him to stare up into his eyes, still rubbing his balls in my hand. He takes hold of his cock and strokes it hard as we stare at each other.

I lean down and suck his balls gently as he rubs his cock, moaning in delight, I laugh as his hand keeps catching my eye but when he asks I say it’s nothing and change sides.

My hands travel up his body, just to be in contact with his warm skin, I circle his nipples and pinch down as I plant sloppy kisses on his stomach before sucking on his cock again.

If feels like we have been playing for hours but neither of us minds. He looks down and says ‘Sorry it’s so good I keep stopping myself from cumming’. I don’t think compliments come better than that.

I take control, his cock in my warm mouth, sliding up and down, my hand rubbing his balls, my knuckle kneading behind his balls and it isn’t long before I feel his warm acidic cum hitting my throat.

I suck harder until he stops and gently slide him out of my mouth, planting soft kisses along his stomach before climbing back up the bed.

“Good morning gorgeous girl.” He says as he pulls me into his arms.

“Good morning.” Is all I manage before yawning and wrapping myself around him again.

“That was incredible, what a way to be woken up.” He pulls me closer and kisses the top of my head.

“Thank you for not holding my head down.” I say settling my head on his broad chest, his heartbeat filling my ears.

“Why would I hold you down? You knew exactly what you were doing and I was completely lost in the moment. The way you kept looking up at me was just incredible and when you grabbed my hand, wow. It was like you couldn’t get enough of me.”

“I just wanted to be closer to you. I was enjoying being lost in the moment.” I smile at him and rest my head back on his chest listening to the comforting sound of his heartbeat.

“I think that was the best blowjob I ever had. Normally I have to get close before encouraging my partner to suck me, but you did it all yourself without any help from me. I’ve got to say that is pretty hot.” He says holding me tighter.

All I can manage in response is “mmm” as I fall back into a sound sleep.

When I wake again it is because he is gently trying to move me so he can get up. “Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you. I was just going to get showered. I wanted to let you sleep until I finished, we only have an hour before checkout.” He says pulling the covers back over me and kissing my forehead.

“Ok, thanks.” I reply, sleepily watching as he walks around the room picking up his clothes.

“You look so cute tucked up like that.” He smiles as he rounds the bed, tiggling my toes and closing the bathroom door behind him.

After his shower he wakes me by kissing my nose and tilting my mouth for a proper kiss. He smells sweet and clean, and his aftershave is amazing;  I can’t help but smile.

“Oh, do we really have to go?” I say climbing out of bed and scrabbling around for clothes to hide my body, suddenly realising he hasn’t seen me naked in the full light.

“Afraid so Babe, but this won’t be the only time we meet. We have to do this again. Now go get clean and we can have breakfast before we go.” He laid back on the bed and turned on the TV as his eyes follow me out the room.

I stand under the cold water, frantically turning the knobs, trying to warm the rainwater shower. When I eventually get the water right, I close my eyes and try to take it all that has happened.

I never dreamed the night would go so well. I’d never had such a satisfying sexual experience or felt empowered by giving a man oral sex before. Suddenly all my friend tried to explain to me became clear, how with the right person sex is different.

I couldn’t help but wonder why people bother with shallow one night stands when you can experience something as wonderful and intense as last night.

As I shampoo my hair and wash my skin I am sad to be losing his scent from my body but feel revived by the warmth of the water.

I never knew that sucking a man’s cock could turn me on like that, it never had before. I never thought I would enjoy it and that I would feel such a connection. It had always been something I tried to avoid.

With this guy it was different, I actually craved him. I wanted him in my mouth, I wanted to taste him and bring his release, to make him happy. I wanted to take my time and give him something I knew he would enjoy, as he had taken his time with me the night before.

Whilst I was in the moment all I could think of was him and trying to do everything I could to make him happy. It was different with him being so quiet, I was used to men being rough, grunting and swearing but watching him closely I could tell what he wanted and I wouldn’t disappoint.

When he finally came I felt empowered, knowing I had done it all myself. He didn’t need anyone to watch us, or take part, to make himself hard for me or watch porn at the same time.

But more importantly he didn’t need to force me as I was happy to be in the moment, and the fact his eyes never left mine was incredibly hot.

He never forced me to do anything, whatever we did he took his time and made sure I was comfortable. He wasn’t rough or hurried, he didn’t only think of himself and put his own pleasure first, like the other men I’d been with. He was thinking of us both and it meant that what we had was so special.

I got out of the shower, dried myself stopping to take a long look in the mirror at my naked body. Not toned and sculpted, not the most beautiful woman in the world but in that moment I felt special and desired.

I got dressed quickly and went back into the room. “All clean and shiny.” He says as he smiles at me.

“I just need a minute to dry my hair and I’ll be ready.” I reply searching for my hair brush in my bag. Then I remembered I left all my clothes in my room.

“It’s ok, take your time. I like watching you.” He says, turning off the TV and propping himself up on one arm to watch me.

We finish packing up our rooms and go downstairs to eat breakfast together. Staring at each other as we eat and talking like it was the most normal thing in the world. No one in that room could’ve guessed that just hours before we met in person for the first time.

It could all have been so different. You hear such horror stories about internet dating. But with this guy I felt safe to take the chance and he hadn’t let me down.

He was the only guy I had spoken to on the internet dating site I would’ve considered meeting and even if I never saw him again I would always be grateful for our night together.

After breakfast he walked me to my car, carrying my bag and putting it in the back for me before opening my door and helping me into the car. I couldn’t help but smile and after buckling myself in he lent in and kissed me passionately on the lips before saying “Have a great day, I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll arrange to meet up again.”

When he shut the door and began to walk away I started to wonder, could this really be my happy ending?

Last night was so amazing that I didn’t think I would ever have that with anyone else. I’d never come close to it in all my relationships before and now I knew what it felt like how could I ever settle again?

There was an overriding sensation even as he waved me goodbye that I wouldn’t be that lucky and I would never see him again. But something in me kept saying, he wouldn’t lie.

He had always been honest with me, even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear and that was why I trusted him. He said he didn’t want to fall into a relationship but he wanted to spend time getting to know me, and he said he would call so I have to believe that he will.

As I begin the long drive home the voices in my head begin to argue. The ones who want me to feel abandoned and the ones that want me to trust him.

My mind wanders back to every touch and kiss of the night before. I can feel him on my skin just as if he were here now. I can feel him inside me, the weight of him on top of me and I feel overwhelmed with emotion.

When I finally turn into my drive all I can think of is bed. I lie with the smell of him filling my senses and close my eyes to relive our night again in my sweet dreams. My phone resting on the bedside table next to me waiting for his call, which I hope will come very soon.


Happy Valentines Day…

Valentines Day Readers

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What’s your favourite romantic song? I don’t like to have favourites but here’s a few romantic songs I like!

Well it’s all about You and I!!!

This is such a first dance song for a wedding!

This song is amazing live and is probably my favourite song about a hooker lol!

Guilty pleasure this one but it sums up my Valentines Day 😥

What ever you do today make sure you have fun!

Do you have to be experienced at sex to write realistic erotic fiction?

I’m curious to see whether people think being sexually experienced will impact on your ability to write erotic fiction that is realistic to readers.

Could someone who is a virgin write a sex scene so realistic that it would make you think they were writing about a personal experience?

Could someone who had never experienced BDSM write a story that encapsulates the ideals in a way that would make you believe they had?