Saved By A Big Black Cop… Available for Pre-Order Now!

Annabelle leaves her boyfriend Sam’s house late one night, dressed in her skimpy schoolgirl lingerie to drive home. The night is dark and the road is lonely, her car breaks down with no mobile signal and her battery is running low. She’s left to sit in the cold car alone with only a light jacket to cover her.

Her mind plays tricks on her as she waits for daybreak. She thinks of all the horror movies she’s seen and imagines madmen appearing from the trees and attacking her. A car pulls up behind her and a dark figure knocks on the window. It could be anyone but luckily for Annabelle it’s a police officer.

As they wait in his car for the tow truck, after his stressful night, the officer needs a sexual release and Annabelle’s state of undress is the catalyst. When he can’t hide his arousal any longer Annabelle decides to thank him properly for saving her.
Whilst waiting for the tow truck they use the police car to explore each other’s desires, parked up on the side of the dark lonely road with only the cars headlights to guide them.

Will one night of hot roadside passion turn out to be the start of a very beautiful friendship?

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Saved By A Big Black Cop…

So here we are, the first spoiler to whet your appetite for the release. I’ll be announcing the release date on Sunday so stay tuned…


Luckily the officer has his eyes closed while he strokes the length of his massive cock. It’s so big he has to use both hands. Twisting at the base with one hand and working the shaft with the other.

I wondered if he can sense me staring at him while pretending to read.

Sam’s cock is the biggest I’ve had at 6” with a nice girth but he would look tiny next to this guy.

I wonder what his reaction would be if Sam knew where I was right now.

I wonder what he’d say if he knew I was craving this black cock as much as I’d ever craved his.

I wonder if he’d be sorry he couldn’t watch me get filled by a black cock for the first time or if he’d refuse to ever see me again for cheating on him.

I wonder if he’d forever be trying harder to please me knowing he’d been second best to a big black cock inside his white girlfriend.

I wonder if he’d come straight over in the morning so he could fuck me and be sloppy seconds after the police man had used me for his pleasure all night.

I become aware of how aroused I am. The crotch of my thong is soaked at the idea of taking that monster cock in my tight pussy. I’m pulsating deep inside at the thought of it sliding in and out of me, stretching me more and more with each thrust.

I begin to wonder if I would stretch that far, would it even be possible for me to take all of him inside me. It isn’t like we have lube to help.

My mouth salivates over what he tastes like and how much I can fit in my hot wet mouth.

I wonder what he would do if I learned over and licked the tip of his hard cock. It’s so big I wonder if he would even feel it.

I love Sam but I may never have the chance to taste a big black cock again and I don’t want to be left wondering.

I move closer to the officer, putting one leg onto the seat and take hold of his cock just under the thick round head. It’s so big I can barely wrap my hand around it.

He opens his eyes but doesn’t say anything.

I look down and eagerly bury my head in his lap taking as much of his hard thick shaft in my mouth as I can.

He moans, “Good little white girl” and I suck what I can as he continues stroking the base of his cock.

My mouth is woefully inadequate to handle that much cock. I don’t even manage to get half way.

I want to taste it all so I lick every last inch of his thick shaft bottom to top. Each time I reach the top I take the big thick head in my mouth and suck hard.

“Let’s do this properly.” He says, pulling his trousers and boxer shorts down so that I can finally see the full extent of his package in front of me.

I’m wetter than ever at the size of his massive black cock and balls within touching distance.

He moves on the seat so I can lie in between his legs and really enjoy what he’s offering me.

I want him more than I have ever wanted a cock before. I don’t want him like I crave Sam and his cock. I want him in a dirty sexual way.

He’s a challenge I want to see if my body can accept. I want him to fuck me like a whore and use me for his pleasure.

Now he’s in front of me and I have both hands free to explore more of his rock hard package.

I lick his balls and suck at them eagerly as I stroke his shaft hard with both hands. His balls are the size of a small football and I can only imagine the kind of load he would deliver when he finally came.


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