Cuckolded on His Birthday

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Cuckolded On His Birthday…


As promised I want to share some more content from my new book Cuckolded On His Birthday in the form of random soundbites to whet your appetite. You’ll have to download the book to see where they fit in the story!

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What am I thinking? I’m a happily married woman. Mario is a business transaction, a delicious, young, hot, sexy, big cocked business transaction.

“What do you mean you haven’t finished with me?” I reply lifting my head up with puppy dog eyes and kissing his lips, my tongue sliding inside his warm mouth.

“Fuck me hard so they see I’m your good little girl and I know how to pleasure my man.”

I know everything about Jason and his cock, the way he likes to fuck, how long he takes to cum, what it tastes like and where he likes me to wear it and yet tonight I’m learning something new. I’m learning that he can delay his gratification for a long time when presented with the opportunity to watch his wife being fucked like a slut.


“Don’t worry Babe, you’ll take my cock when I’m good and ready. You like getting wet for me don’t you. Let’s see how wet your pussy is shall we?”

“Do you like everyone seeing what a dirty little whore you are Babe? Do you like them seeing your fucking amazing tits and your tight little pussy being used for my pleasure?”

“You’re mine, never forget it. I own you and I will fuck you however I want, whenever I want.” He whispers in my ear, still pressing me against the glass as he enters me roughly.

“Wow, I wish I could cum like that and give my gorgeous wife what she deserves. I’m so glad she invited you over so I could see a real man take care of her. I’ll never take her for granted again when she wants to play with my pathetic excuse of a cock.”


“I think we need to strip you down and see exactly what the little slut is hiding under that sexy black dress. Stand over there and take your dress off nice and slowly. I want you to keep your eyes on me at all times, do you understand?”

“That is a very fuckable little slut right there. I’m going to enjoy filling you with my big fat cock. Speaking of which, I think it’s time for you to show me what a good little slut you can be. Come here and show me how you get my cock hard.”

“No you face that pathetic excuse of a man. I want him to watch as a real man violates his wife. I want him to see what you look like when you cum for the first time. So he knows that until now you’ve been faking it with him and his pathetic little cock. I want him to watch me fill you with my thick creamy cum and know there is nothing he can do to stop me.”

“Do you like that Jason? Do you like seeing your wife being filled with my big fat cock? I’m going to fill her pussy with cum and she’s going to love it. Look at her, she can’t get enough of my cock. I bet she doesn’t fuck you like this, I bet she doesn’t take your cock like this. She’s my slut now and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“Go and show Jason what a good girl you are Kasey. Show him what his wife’s pussy looks like filled with a real man’s cum.”

“Jason I’m almost there, so you can take over now. I’m going to cum so far down this little slut’s throat she’ll be burping cum bubbles for a week.” He moves to the right and let’s Jason get into position before sliding his thick cock as deep into my mouth as it will go.

If you want to read more, I posted another teaser here.

Introducing My New Book….

It is with great pleasure that I reveal the cover to my latest story due to hit the shelves this month… drum roll please!!

When Jason shared his desired to be cuckolded with his wife, he never dreamed what she would plan. This year his birthday is going to be one to remember when Kasey surprises him on his return home from work and he catches her with Mario. What happens next is a night they will never forget.

New Book Teaser…

I’m currently in the process of doing the final edits of my next release. I’m holding the title back for the cover reveal; until then here’s an excerpt to whet the appetite.

Download the book when it’s released to see if it made the final cut! 😉

A New Story By Charlie Hadley

Title To Be Revealed!!!!

As I reach for the phone to make the call my hands are trembling. I can’t believe what I am about to do, but the man staring out from my laptop screen is perfect. On the third ring an Italian accent answers the call.

“Hello Mario speaking, how may I help you?”

The sound of his voice turns the tense nerves to butterflies in my stomach.

“Hello. My name is Kasey. I was wondering if you would be available to spend the evening with me and my husband?”

I’d written what I wanted to say on a notepad in front of me and practised saying it all morning, trying to make it sound like I do this sort of thing all the time. But in the end my nerves betray me and my voice cracks as I talk.

“Kasey is a very pretty name. When would you like this evening to happen?”

“The 4th is my husband’s birthday, the evening is going to be his present. Would you be able to make the evening of the 3rd September?”

“A birthday, what a special evening for us to share together. I have just received a cancellation which means that I’m free. Now we must discuss what you would like to experience. I like to make sure we are both comfortable with the arrangements before making a booking.”

“Jase’s fantasy is to watch me being fucked by other man. A much bigger, more attractive man who makes me cum while he watches.”

“That covers what your husband would like from the experience. Now tell me Kasey, what is it that you desire? What made you call me today?”

“I love my husband very much. We have a great sex life. His biggest turn on is being humiliated and told how small he is. I don’t think he is small. I’ve always enjoyed his cock. But there are times that I just want to feel dominated. We do play that sometimes and I love it when he uses me. I don’t know why I called you. The more I think about it the sillier I feel. I want to make my husband happy and I know that I do, but giving him this would be something else. I would get to fulfil his biggest fantasy and maybe for one night satisfy my desire to please him. It probably sounds stupid but I get most turned on when I’m being used by him or when he demands me to do things. I hoped that him watching me being fucked by someone using me for their pleasure would fulfil both of our fantasies and bring us closer than ever.”

“Firstly, it doesn’t sound silly at all. I have been in similar situations before. The fact you are even considering doing this shows how much you love your husband. It also tells me that you have deep desires you want to satisfy and there is nothing wrong with that. I think we can have a very beautiful evening together. One I am sure you and your husband will both enjoy.”

“Thank you Mario. So what happens now?”

Relief washes over me. Mario has put me at ease so quickly that I actually feel like I can go through with this for the first time.

“I think it would be best if we meet for a coffee and talk about what, specifically, you would like to happen. I’m sensing you are a little uneasy, it would help if we address that before the evening so you can just relax and enjoy. Does that sound ok with you?”

Mario is right, meeting him in advance would take some of the nerves out of what I’m about to do. If I don’t feel comfortable with him face to face I can always back out. I wouldn’t want to back out on the night in front of Jason and risk ruining his fantasy.

“Oh yes. I think that is a good idea. When would you like to meet?”

“Seeing as we don’t have much time to prepare I would suggest maybe later today, definitely sometime this week. Just so that we are ready nice and early.”

“I can do this afternoon. Do you have somewhere in mind to meet?”

“I will give you an address, it is where I meet my clients but for clarity it’s not where I live. It is a safe place where we will be alone to discuss intimate details without being overheard. It will also give you the opportunity to become relaxed around me in an intimate setting which will help on the night.”

“Ok, what’s the address?”

I write down an address on the other side of town and hang up the phone. I need a stiff drink to calm my nerves but as I have to drive I grab a glass of cold juice from the fridge instead.

Introducing a Fellow Author… Paige Matthews

I’ve always said I would use my blog to help promote fellow authors, knowing how hard it is to connect with new readers. So today I want to introduce Paige Matthews…

Paige Matthews resides in Western Connecticut with her husband, two children, and dog. When she is not balancing work, school, and family, she can be found writing her next sexy smut or reading some. A lover of literature and an avid hockey fan, she is usually glued to the TV watching the Rangers or writing about sexy dominant players. She enjoys relaxing with some rock music and an adult beverage! You can keep up with her ramblings at

Interference is her first book in the In the Zone series.

interference Character


Here’s the blurb:

Twelve years ago I lost everything I loved. I lost the ability to play the one sport that I had given every sweat and tear to. A career ending injury and a three-day coma left me hearing the words a player never wants to hear.

Since that day, I have made it my goal to break into the one world a female hasn’t entered yet: The NHL and specifically- Head Athletic Trainer. Finally getting my chance to prove myself I will not let anything or anyone stand in my way of my new dreams…until he shatters every ounce of control that I’ve hidden behind for years.

His arrogance, his determination and his god damn near perfect body set my body on fire. The more I try to stay away, the more I am drawn to him and the one night I give him- I lose.

I value nothing more than dominating on and off the ice. Nothing can deter my focus or my attention from taking my chance to prove to the world that I can capture the ultimate goal: the Stanley Cup. Coming off a heartbreaking loss in last year’s finals, the new season is full of promise and records. Until she walks in…

The newest Athletic Trainer of the NY Hawks and sister of my biggest rival, Jessica McAdams sets my body on fire: a response I haven’t felt in a long time. From the first time I saw her at the club and heard her name mentioned around the locker room, I was taken.

I could see through her walls, the false defenses she put up. She tries to pretend she is a stone cold and in charge woman, but I see the promise of what is underneath. As much as she pushes me away, the more I come to desire her, need her and want to dominate her. What starts as a mission to dominate the rough exterior becomes something I can’t live without- and she becomes the one thing I need more in my life than anything else, even if she doesn’t want me back.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt of Interference:


I entered the hotel roughly around one in the morning. It was a quick trip to the bar, one that I really didn’t want to partake in, but did anyway. I was walking toward my room when I saw Jessica down the hall.

“Ms. McAdams?” I said as I jogged toward her. She turned and paused.

“How can I help you, Mr. Mitchell?”

I stopped as I came up on her. “You can call me Micah for starters.”

“Not happening. So, what can I help you with Mr. Mitchell.” She stood in front of me with her hands folded across her chest. She was still in her wind pants and polo shirt from the game earlier. I stared down at her as I watched her back up until she was stuck between the wall and me. I put my hands on either side of her head and bent down.

“You need to call me Micah. Mr. Mitchell is so formal, and I intend to be anything but formal with you.”

I saw her body shake as I whispered that to her. Unless I was wrong, which I wasn’t often, she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

“Don’t deny it, Jessica.”

“Deny what, Mr. Mitchell?” Her voice was shaky as she looked up at me.

“Don’t deny yourself what your body wants.”

“You don’t know what you are talking about.” She uncrossed her arms and attempted to stand taller.

“But I do know what I am talking about. I see the way your body betrays you. I can see your breath quicken, the way you shiver at the closeness, and I could see the disappointment earlier this evening when I moved away from you.”

“I do not know what you are talking about, Mr. Mitchell. I think you are mistaken. And as I have told you before, I am not interested.”

“One night, Jessica. Just submit to me for one night. I promise you won’t regret it.” My dick was straining against my jeans, and the uncomfortable tension lingered in the air.

“No. First off, I don’t submit to anyone, and secondly, I don’t fool around, especially with men the likes of you,” she responded sternly.

“The likes of me? Honey, I assure you that you haven’t met someone the likes of me. And no offense, but you are a natural submissive.”

“I am not a submissive.” Her voice rose, as she stood tall and pushed me back. “Now if you will excuse me.” Jessica moved away, and I grabbed her arm and turned her back to me, pulling her against my chest. Without thinking, my hands grasped the back of her head and I pulled her mouth to me. My lips crashed against hers as I pried them open with my tongue. I could taste the sweetness that lingered. I felt her hands touch my chest as I continued to thrust my tongue into her mouth, exploring every inch of it.

I pulled back, reluctantly breaking the contact that I so desperately wanted, needed. Jessica’s hand immediately struck the side of my face as I grabbed it and pushed her back against the wall. Her hands above her head, her chest heaved up and down.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy that, because you did. Your body doesn’t lie, Ms. McAdams.” I placed my erection against her abdomen. “See how hard you make me? One night, Jessica, it’s all I’m asking.”

She pulled herself from my less than tight hold and pushed me away. “Go to hell, Mr. Mitchell.” Before I could say another word, she slipped the key card into the slot and opened the door to her room.

Watching Football With Friends, Naughty Nine Anthology and Hotels and Spankings…

Watching Football with Friends   Naughty nine Anthology (2)  Hotels and Spankings

Below are some excerpts from my books together with the links to buy.

Watching Football With Friends…

“Fuck, now you’re mine.” He says turning me onto my back, lifting my legs up onto his shoulders and grabbing at my breasts, pulling my nipples.

“Fuck you feel so good. I don’t want to stop.” He says building a hard, deep rhythm inside me.

All I can do is moan, my mind lost, my eyes never leaving his. The sound of his moans and heavy breathing, the roughness of him inside me, my breasts bouncing and the sound of him sliding in and out of me, his balls slapping against me reaching parts of me that I’ve never felt before.

We both cum loudly screaming each other’s names as the teams walk out onto the pitch for the second half.

He doesn’t move still kneeling in front of me, maintaining eye contact. His throbbing cock still inside me as I continue to experience waves of pleasure as he rubs my clit. My whole body is tingling with sensations I never felt before, my legs are shaking and my mind is a blur.

He looks so perfect with his messy dark hair, toned body and those beautiful hazel eyes I could get lost in.

As the whistle blows for the second half he sits me up and pulls me onto his lap sitting us back to chest so we can both watch the match.

“Let’s hope the second half is as good as the first.” He whispers in my ear.

“I’ve never experienced a half of football like it.” I say picking up my glass of beer from the table and drinking it down as he finishes his can.

I lean forward to grab some more beer when he says “Don’t move, that is the most perfect view I’ve ever seen. I want to bury my fat cock deep inside you” sliding his now semi-erect cock inside me, playfully parting my sticky pussy with the fat head a few times before sliding all the way inside.

I pass him a beer, still leaning forward as he grabs my hips and thrusts into me at his own pace once more. This time he lifts my shirt and pours cold beer down my back. I feel it slide down my spine and over my arse as I feel his tongue lick my skin.

He pulls my hair back so I am once again back to chest and buries his tongue deep in my mouth whilst rubbing my clit with his big hands.

I look up to see Drogba and Torres run towards the goal and score the first goal of the season. I’m not even sure which one scored. I’m too busy scoring my second orgasm of the night in our mutual excitement.

Once we relieve ourselves the second time, he pulls out of me and I sit in his lap to watch the rest of the match, Chelsea wining the game 1 – 0, our score 2 – 2 in the orgasm stakes.

Neither of us knew what to do after the match.

I stayed sitting on his lap, both of us half naked, drinking beer and chatting. I wanted to have sex with him again but I don’t want to ruin the moment by suggesting it.

We talk about the match as he begins to touch my breasts again. I want him so badly, knowing this time we can focus on us and not the football.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” He says looking me in the eye whilst cupping my breast through my shirt and running his thick finger cross my erect plump nipple.

“Yes.” I moan in his ear.

He helps me stand and takes my hand, leading me upstairs into his bedroom. I’ve never been in there before, it’s much nicer than I’d expected.

The units are all white and the bed had been freshly made with blue sheets and bedspread. I wonder if it is always this clean and tidy or if he’d hoped the night would end this way.

Don’t forget if you download a copy to leave a review or give it some stars, it doesn’t have to be a glowing review, just be honest.

5* review on Smashwords:

Review by: Vividman on Aug. 30, 2014 :
This book tastefully and pleasingly covers many a man’s dreams of sex, beer, and pizza with a beautiful partner. This is my first time reading this author and I look forward to reading more.

5* Review on iTunes:

Review By: Deanh22 They score at the match

A friendship based around football (soccer) throws Oliver and Jen together – after the close season the protagonists give in to their mutual attraction in a friends with benefits way!
Pizza and beer aren’t the only things shared in this quickie!
Lots of of the field action and two friends who are unsure how their tryst will impact their friendship allows the author to explore more than the couples bodies!

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Naughty Nine Anthology…

The excerpt comes from The Teacher and the Pupil:

I glance at him over the top of my glasses and his boyish smirk makes me smile. I glance down and see his trousers beginning to strain.

Trying not to smile I say. “I think I can be of some assistance.”

I slide across the desk so I am leaning in between his legs, take off my glasses and place them on the table beside me. “Now let’s see if I remember this right.”

I lean forward so he can see down my shirt as I slowly brush my hand over the tightening in his trousers, his eyes burning into mine, the desire between us building.

I slide down the zip of his trousers and undo the button, releasing some of the tension.

He reaches a hand up into my hair, pulling my mouth down onto his and kissing me hard, sliding his tongue in my mouth and biting my lip.

I can feel my thong getting wet, my body aching for him. His free hand reaches round, stroking and grabbing at my arse.

I lean back and smile then look down at his obvious arousal. I kneel in between his legs and slide his trousers down, his eyes staring constantly at me, one hand playing with my hair.

I glance up and hold his stare; I want to see his face as I slide his tight white boxers down releasing his impressive erection. He smiles, his eyes glistening as I slide the boxers back up.

This time I want to see it. I want to see how his erection bursts free of his boxers, ready to pleasure me. Slowly I slide the elastic down and watch as his erection bounces free, standing to attention just for me.

I pull my shirt out of my skirt, unbutton it slowly and take it off revealing my lace bra and ample assets.

He moans “Wow, I can’t wait to play with them.”

I grab hold of his erection “But first I need to help you with this.” I maintain eye contact as slowly I run my tongue up and down his long thick shaft, gently flicking the head as he moans contentedly.

He reaches into my hair and pulls me towards him as I take as much as I can in my mouth, allowing his cock to rest on my tongue.

“Good girl” he says as slowly I slide him in and out of my mouth, holding the base of his cock in one hand and massaging his balls slowly with the other.

I listen to the changing in his breathing, watch his facial expressions and feel his grip on my head tightening as I alternate between licking and sucking on his cock.

He’s getting close I can feel it, “I’m gonna cum” he let’s go of my head but I don’t pull away. I take him deeper, as far as I can; I want to taste my prize.

I suck harder and faster, squeezing at the base of his cock as he moans “Shit, shit I’m gonna cccuummm.”

I feel the warm salty liquid shoot out into my mouth and swallow deeply, maintaining his eye contact. “Good girl.” He says as he takes my hands and guides me up off the floor.

I’m standing in between his legs as he slides his hands round the back of my skirt and undoes the zip letting it fall to the floor.

“Mmmmm look at you, my gorgeous girl, your turn.” I blush.

He pushes me back onto the desk, sliding his hands up my legs before kneeling down in between them and pushing them wide open. He rubs his finger across my nipples making them hard at his touch.

Planting little kisses all down my tummy, he strokes my thighs gently with his thumbs, kissing lower past my belly button and into the lace front of the thong.

He slides it to one side and begins to lick me tasting my wetness. He looks up and smiles “It seems you are a little bit excited.”

I blush as his hands reach up to tease my aching breasts his tongue licking against me. All too quickly I feel the sensation building. My moans get deeper and louder as I lean back trying to catch my breath but I can’t control it any longer and cum whilst his tongue is inside me.

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Hotels and Spankings…

I sit patiently as he begins to unbutton his shirt. He stops and pushes my legs open, and moves between, and I close them tight needing to touching him.

He continues to unbutton his shirt, slowly revealing his toned chest as I begin to plant little kisses on the bare skin.

I slide the shirt open and suck one of his nipples before biting down hard on it. “Naughty girl, I should spank you for that.” He playfully laughs.

“Promise?” I look up and smile.

“I promise to spank you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight tomorrow.” He says.

“That’s why I love you, so tough, yet so damn sexy.” I reach into his waistband and pull him tighter, locking my legs around his waist so my crotch is against his groin. I bite his plump bottom lip and slide my tongue into his mouth.

He bites my lip back as I begin to move against his groin, feeling his arousal growing. I’m starting to get wet as he runs his hands down my body. Cupping my breast and tweaking my nipple before sliding lower into the band of my thong and pressing his fingers down against the entrance of my wet pussy. He pushes his fingers inside me as he reaches down and grabs my arse.

“Stand up for me baby. I need to see that gorgeous arse; you know it makes me hard.” He holds his hands out to steady me as I jump down off the ledge and slowly turn around for him, leaning against the ledge and looking back over my shoulder to wink at him.

“How’s the view sexy?”

“So hot I’m going to fuck you all night.” He grabs my hips and pulls my arse towards him, holding me tightly as his fingers slide around the front of my legs. I move my hips against him and feel how hard he is through his trousers.

“Please can I touch it?” It always drives him crazy when I ask for permission.

“Such a good girl.” He lets my hips go and I turn to face him.

“First can you help me take this bra off? The clasp gets stuck.” I wink at him and turn around.

“Anything you ask Baby.”

He slides his big hands into the straps of my bra, pulling my shoulders back so they are pressed against him. He pulls the straps down and forces his hands into the cups of my bra, making a ‘V’ with his fingers over my nipples and squeezing together. They are so sensitive to his touch and my wetness is building so much I feel it begin to slide down my inner thigh.

He continues to pull my bra down, replacing the cups fully with his hands before reaching round and roughing tugging the bra off me.

“Now that is how you take a bra off.” He bites my ear lobe, his erection digging into me, making me ache for him.

5* review at Amazon:

holidays are coming, 28 Nov. 2014
This review is from: Hotels and Spankings (Kindle Edition)
Charlie does it again with her inspired by real life events which like many films have been edited for dramatic effect takes our two protagonist lovers to a hotel in Europe. Romeo & Juliet were star crossed lovers Alex and Sarah enjoy their own version of bodice ripping excitement.
They keep up a frenetic pace as they enjoy each other in every way they can. A lust story with a bit of spanking in a hotel – this story does what it says on the cover!

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Happy Valentines Day…

Valentines Day Readers

As a thank you for your support Hotels and Spankings (GB37E), Watching Football With Friends (JJ63T) and Naughty Nine Anthology (NY67Z) are available to download free on Smashwords today. Just enter the codes entered in brackets above at the checkout.

What’s your favourite romantic song? I don’t like to have favourites but here’s a few romantic songs I like!

Well it’s all about You and I!!!

This is such a first dance song for a wedding!

This song is amazing live and is probably my favourite song about a hooker lol!

Guilty pleasure this one but it sums up my Valentines Day 😥

What ever you do today make sure you have fun!

Discount Codes…

As a thank you to all who have enjoyed my writing and engaged with me throughout 2014 I have made my books free to download until 2/1/15 on Smashwords:

Hotels and Spankings

Alex and Sarah decide to go on their first couples adventure, but instead of choosing a beach holiday they decide to take a road trip instead.

They can’t believe their luck when they stumble upon a beautiful hotel room which inspires some very naughty fun. In her excitement at getting Alex alone Sarah sets out to make the trip memorable and buys some special lingerie for the occasion.

As she changes into her nurse themed lingerie her inner dominatrix is unleashed but will she be able to hold her own or will Alex’s domineering nature win out?

To download Hotels and Spankings for free use code: QP27D

Watching Football with Friends

Jen wakes up to an invitation text from Oliver asking her to bring beer and pizza to his house that night to watch the football match. She is excited about catching up with her friend and seeing in the start of the new football season.

Lying on the sofa together watching the match, drinking cold beer, eating pizza and catching up with a friend, what could be better than that?

She could never have known how the night would end or that they were about to begin a sexual journey that would make them both challenge their feelings for each other. Will they take the chance to make things work between them or will it ruin their friendship forever?

To download Watching Football With Friends for free use code: SR29C

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

Updated versions of the short stories The Teacher and The Pupil, The Dirty Little Secret, One Night in New York, The Football Match, The Receptionist, The Tattooed Man, The Firemen, Movie Night and The Office.

Nine naughty tales of m/f relationships and sex, exploring desires including light bondage play, spanking, oral sex, forbidden attraction and mmf threesomes.

To download Naughty Nine Anthology for free use code: GY74D

I’m working on some new stories and hope to continue entertaining you all in 2015.

I hope you all had a good Christmas with your loved ones and wish you all a fantastic 2015 filled with success



5* Reviews

Hotels and Spankings

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars holidays are coming 28 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase
Charlie does it again with her inspired by real life events which like many films have been edited for dramatic effect takes our two protagonist lovers to a hotel in Europe. Romeo & Juliet were star crossed lovers Alex and Sarah enjoy their own version of bodice ripping excitement.
They keep up a frenetic pace as they enjoy each other in every way they can. A lust story with a bit of spanking in a hotel – this story does what it says on the cover!

Watching Football with Friends

Customer Reviews

They score at the match *****
by Deanh22

A friendship based around football (soccer) throws Oliver and Jen together – after the close season the protagonists give in to their mutual attraction in a friends with benefits way!
Pizza and beer aren’t the only things shared in this quickie!
Lots of of the field action and two friends who are unsure how their tryst will impact their friendship allows the author to explore more than the couples bodies!

 Link to Download on iTunes

Watching Football with Friends

Review by: Vividman on Aug. 30, 2014 : *****

This book tastefully and pleasingly covers many a man’s dreams of sex, beer, and pizza with a beautiful partner. This is my first time reading this author and I look forward to reading more.

Link to Download on Smashwords