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Watching Football With Friends…

“Fuck, now you’re mine.” He says turning me onto my back, lifting my legs up onto his shoulders and grabbing at my breasts, pulling my nipples.

“Fuck you feel so good. I don’t want to stop.” He says building a hard, deep rhythm inside me.

All I can do is moan, my mind lost, my eyes never leaving his. The sound of his moans and heavy breathing, the roughness of him inside me, my breasts bouncing and the sound of him sliding in and out of me, his balls slapping against me reaching parts of me that I’ve never felt before.

We both cum loudly screaming each other’s names as the teams walk out onto the pitch for the second half.

He doesn’t move still kneeling in front of me, maintaining eye contact. His throbbing cock still inside me as I continue to experience waves of pleasure as he rubs my clit. My whole body is tingling with sensations I never felt before, my legs are shaking and my mind is a blur.

He looks so perfect with his messy dark hair, toned body and those beautiful hazel eyes I could get lost in.

As the whistle blows for the second half he sits me up and pulls me onto his lap sitting us back to chest so we can both watch the match.

“Let’s hope the second half is as good as the first.” He whispers in my ear.

“I’ve never experienced a half of football like it.” I say picking up my glass of beer from the table and drinking it down as he finishes his can.

I lean forward to grab some more beer when he says “Don’t move, that is the most perfect view I’ve ever seen. I want to bury my fat cock deep inside you” sliding his now semi-erect cock inside me, playfully parting my sticky pussy with the fat head a few times before sliding all the way inside.

I pass him a beer, still leaning forward as he grabs my hips and thrusts into me at his own pace once more. This time he lifts my shirt and pours cold beer down my back. I feel it slide down my spine and over my arse as I feel his tongue lick my skin.

He pulls my hair back so I am once again back to chest and buries his tongue deep in my mouth whilst rubbing my clit with his big hands.

I look up to see Drogba and Torres run towards the goal and score the first goal of the season. I’m not even sure which one scored. I’m too busy scoring my second orgasm of the night in our mutual excitement.

Once we relieve ourselves the second time, he pulls out of me and I sit in his lap to watch the rest of the match, Chelsea wining the game 1 – 0, our score 2 – 2 in the orgasm stakes.

Neither of us knew what to do after the match.

I stayed sitting on his lap, both of us half naked, drinking beer and chatting. I wanted to have sex with him again but I don’t want to ruin the moment by suggesting it.

We talk about the match as he begins to touch my breasts again. I want him so badly, knowing this time we can focus on us and not the football.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” He says looking me in the eye whilst cupping my breast through my shirt and running his thick finger cross my erect plump nipple.

“Yes.” I moan in his ear.

He helps me stand and takes my hand, leading me upstairs into his bedroom. I’ve never been in there before, it’s much nicer than I’d expected.

The units are all white and the bed had been freshly made with blue sheets and bedspread. I wonder if it is always this clean and tidy or if he’d hoped the night would end this way.

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5* review on Smashwords:

Review by: Vividman on Aug. 30, 2014 :
This book tastefully and pleasingly covers many a man’s dreams of sex, beer, and pizza with a beautiful partner. This is my first time reading this author and I look forward to reading more.

5* Review on iTunes:

Review By: Deanh22 They score at the match

A friendship based around football (soccer) throws Oliver and Jen together – after the close season the protagonists give in to their mutual attraction in a friends with benefits way!
Pizza and beer aren’t the only things shared in this quickie!
Lots of of the field action and two friends who are unsure how their tryst will impact their friendship allows the author to explore more than the couples bodies!

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Naughty Nine Anthology…

The excerpt comes from The Teacher and the Pupil:

I glance at him over the top of my glasses and his boyish smirk makes me smile. I glance down and see his trousers beginning to strain.

Trying not to smile I say. “I think I can be of some assistance.”

I slide across the desk so I am leaning in between his legs, take off my glasses and place them on the table beside me. “Now let’s see if I remember this right.”

I lean forward so he can see down my shirt as I slowly brush my hand over the tightening in his trousers, his eyes burning into mine, the desire between us building.

I slide down the zip of his trousers and undo the button, releasing some of the tension.

He reaches a hand up into my hair, pulling my mouth down onto his and kissing me hard, sliding his tongue in my mouth and biting my lip.

I can feel my thong getting wet, my body aching for him. His free hand reaches round, stroking and grabbing at my arse.

I lean back and smile then look down at his obvious arousal. I kneel in between his legs and slide his trousers down, his eyes staring constantly at me, one hand playing with my hair.

I glance up and hold his stare; I want to see his face as I slide his tight white boxers down releasing his impressive erection. He smiles, his eyes glistening as I slide the boxers back up.

This time I want to see it. I want to see how his erection bursts free of his boxers, ready to pleasure me. Slowly I slide the elastic down and watch as his erection bounces free, standing to attention just for me.

I pull my shirt out of my skirt, unbutton it slowly and take it off revealing my lace bra and ample assets.

He moans “Wow, I can’t wait to play with them.”

I grab hold of his erection “But first I need to help you with this.” I maintain eye contact as slowly I run my tongue up and down his long thick shaft, gently flicking the head as he moans contentedly.

He reaches into my hair and pulls me towards him as I take as much as I can in my mouth, allowing his cock to rest on my tongue.

“Good girl” he says as slowly I slide him in and out of my mouth, holding the base of his cock in one hand and massaging his balls slowly with the other.

I listen to the changing in his breathing, watch his facial expressions and feel his grip on my head tightening as I alternate between licking and sucking on his cock.

He’s getting close I can feel it, “I’m gonna cum” he let’s go of my head but I don’t pull away. I take him deeper, as far as I can; I want to taste my prize.

I suck harder and faster, squeezing at the base of his cock as he moans “Shit, shit I’m gonna cccuummm.”

I feel the warm salty liquid shoot out into my mouth and swallow deeply, maintaining his eye contact. “Good girl.” He says as he takes my hands and guides me up off the floor.

I’m standing in between his legs as he slides his hands round the back of my skirt and undoes the zip letting it fall to the floor.

“Mmmmm look at you, my gorgeous girl, your turn.” I blush.

He pushes me back onto the desk, sliding his hands up my legs before kneeling down in between them and pushing them wide open. He rubs his finger across my nipples making them hard at his touch.

Planting little kisses all down my tummy, he strokes my thighs gently with his thumbs, kissing lower past my belly button and into the lace front of the thong.

He slides it to one side and begins to lick me tasting my wetness. He looks up and smiles “It seems you are a little bit excited.”

I blush as his hands reach up to tease my aching breasts his tongue licking against me. All too quickly I feel the sensation building. My moans get deeper and louder as I lean back trying to catch my breath but I can’t control it any longer and cum whilst his tongue is inside me.

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Hotels and Spankings…

I sit patiently as he begins to unbutton his shirt. He stops and pushes my legs open, and moves between, and I close them tight needing to touching him.

He continues to unbutton his shirt, slowly revealing his toned chest as I begin to plant little kisses on the bare skin.

I slide the shirt open and suck one of his nipples before biting down hard on it. “Naughty girl, I should spank you for that.” He playfully laughs.

“Promise?” I look up and smile.

“I promise to spank you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight tomorrow.” He says.

“That’s why I love you, so tough, yet so damn sexy.” I reach into his waistband and pull him tighter, locking my legs around his waist so my crotch is against his groin. I bite his plump bottom lip and slide my tongue into his mouth.

He bites my lip back as I begin to move against his groin, feeling his arousal growing. I’m starting to get wet as he runs his hands down my body. Cupping my breast and tweaking my nipple before sliding lower into the band of my thong and pressing his fingers down against the entrance of my wet pussy. He pushes his fingers inside me as he reaches down and grabs my arse.

“Stand up for me baby. I need to see that gorgeous arse; you know it makes me hard.” He holds his hands out to steady me as I jump down off the ledge and slowly turn around for him, leaning against the ledge and looking back over my shoulder to wink at him.

“How’s the view sexy?”

“So hot I’m going to fuck you all night.” He grabs my hips and pulls my arse towards him, holding me tightly as his fingers slide around the front of my legs. I move my hips against him and feel how hard he is through his trousers.

“Please can I touch it?” It always drives him crazy when I ask for permission.

“Such a good girl.” He lets my hips go and I turn to face him.

“First can you help me take this bra off? The clasp gets stuck.” I wink at him and turn around.

“Anything you ask Baby.”

He slides his big hands into the straps of my bra, pulling my shoulders back so they are pressed against him. He pulls the straps down and forces his hands into the cups of my bra, making a ‘V’ with his fingers over my nipples and squeezing together. They are so sensitive to his touch and my wetness is building so much I feel it begin to slide down my inner thigh.

He continues to pull my bra down, replacing the cups fully with his hands before reaching round and roughing tugging the bra off me.

“Now that is how you take a bra off.” He bites my ear lobe, his erection digging into me, making me ache for him.

5* review at Amazon:

holidays are coming, 28 Nov. 2014
This review is from: Hotels and Spankings (Kindle Edition)
Charlie does it again with her inspired by real life events which like many films have been edited for dramatic effect takes our two protagonist lovers to a hotel in Europe. Romeo & Juliet were star crossed lovers Alex and Sarah enjoy their own version of bodice ripping excitement.
They keep up a frenetic pace as they enjoy each other in every way they can. A lust story with a bit of spanking in a hotel – this story does what it says on the cover!

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Don’t Forget…

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Naughty Nine Anthology

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

As a special introductory offer use code: TH93Y at Smashwords to get a 50% discount off Naughty Nine Anthology until 4th October 2014.

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Naughty Nine Anthology Excerpts

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

As a teaser for my new release Naughty Nine Anthology I decided to add a brief synopsis for each story here to whet the appetite.

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The Teacher and The Pupil

A woman waits for her young partner in a hotel room, ready and prepared to help him with his biology homework. The homework quickly turns into an erotic encounter which sees the young man exploring his desires.

#oralsex #m/f #roleplay #spanking #hotelsex

The Dirty Little Secret

A woman wakes to find she is trapped under her partners sleeping body. Her mind replays the earlier fight and the erotic night of passion they shared before he wakes in the morning and returns to his wife leaving her to wait for him to sneak away again.

#forbiddenromance #affair #m/f #kitchensex

One Night In New York

A new relationship hits the rocks when the guy gets sent to work in New York for a month. Missing him the woman catches a flight to see him on a whim, unsure of the reception she will get on arrival. She is met with delight and together they experience an erotic night of pleasure.

#oralsex #lightdomination #spanking #lightbondage  #sex #m/f #hotelsex

The Football Match

A work colleague, offers her a spare ticket for the match on Saturday. On arrival she meets with her colleague and his equally attractive brother. Trapped between the two sexy men her mind wanders to an erotic encounter in the disabled toilets that sees her satisfying both men’s needs.

#oralsex #m/f/m #sex #footballsex

The Receptionist

The receptionist spends her day drooling over her colleague, finding time to pleasure herself in the toilets whilst unknown to her the boss spends his day drooling over her and pleasuring himself locked in his office overlooking her desk.

#masturbation #fantasy #officeromance #m/f

The Tattooed Man

A woman re-lives a steamy relationship with a tattooed ex-partner after dreaming about him one night.

#tattoos #oralsex #m/f

The Firemen

A woman wakes to find the guy she spent the night with has gone. Whilst getting ready for work there is a knock at the door and she is greeted by two firemen. They alert her to a fire in the building and needing to check her flat is ok they come in to look around. She ends up being passed between the two firemen caught up in the desire to satisfy both men.

#FiremenSex #Kitchen/DiningRoomSex #OralSex #M/F/M #FilmedSex

Movie Night

Two friends share a love of movies and set up their own movie club. One night whilst watching a DVD their relationship changes and instead of going their separate ways she ends up bound to a table in an exploration of their sexual desires.

#Bondage #OralSex #m/f #Sex #friendsandsex #Titwank #CreamPie

The Office

A woman shares her office daydreams before recounting an erotic tale of her and a colleague working late one night. When the man becomes aggressive the woman has to control the situation and they end up sharing a truly erotic experience.

#officesex #fantasy #m/f #sex #roughsex #oralsex #spanking #slightdomination