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Naughty nine Anthology (2)There’s still time to download Naughty Nine Anthology using code: TH93Y at Smashwords for a special introductory offer of 50% off until 4th October 2014.


Naughty Nine Anthology

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

As a special introductory offer use code: TH93Y at Smashwords to get a 50% discount off Naughty Nine Anthology until 4th October 2014.

For a taster of the Nine hot stories check out these links below:

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Day Eight

Day Nine

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Naughty Nine Anthology Excerpts

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

As a teaser for my new release Naughty Nine Anthology I decided to add a brief synopsis for each story here to whet the appetite.

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The Teacher and The Pupil

A woman waits for her young partner in a hotel room, ready and prepared to help him with his biology homework. The homework quickly turns into an erotic encounter which sees the young man exploring his desires.

#oralsex #m/f #roleplay #spanking #hotelsex

The Dirty Little Secret

A woman wakes to find she is trapped under her partners sleeping body. Her mind replays the earlier fight and the erotic night of passion they shared before he wakes in the morning and returns to his wife leaving her to wait for him to sneak away again.

#forbiddenromance #affair #m/f #kitchensex

One Night In New York

A new relationship hits the rocks when the guy gets sent to work in New York for a month. Missing him the woman catches a flight to see him on a whim, unsure of the reception she will get on arrival. She is met with delight and together they experience an erotic night of pleasure.

#oralsex #lightdomination #spanking #lightbondage  #sex #m/f #hotelsex

The Football Match

A work colleague, offers her a spare ticket for the match on Saturday. On arrival she meets with her colleague and his equally attractive brother. Trapped between the two sexy men her mind wanders to an erotic encounter in the disabled toilets that sees her satisfying both men’s needs.

#oralsex #m/f/m #sex #footballsex

The Receptionist

The receptionist spends her day drooling over her colleague, finding time to pleasure herself in the toilets whilst unknown to her the boss spends his day drooling over her and pleasuring himself locked in his office overlooking her desk.

#masturbation #fantasy #officeromance #m/f

The Tattooed Man

A woman re-lives a steamy relationship with a tattooed ex-partner after dreaming about him one night.

#tattoos #oralsex #m/f

The Firemen

A woman wakes to find the guy she spent the night with has gone. Whilst getting ready for work there is a knock at the door and she is greeted by two firemen. They alert her to a fire in the building and needing to check her flat is ok they come in to look around. She ends up being passed between the two firemen caught up in the desire to satisfy both men.

#FiremenSex #Kitchen/DiningRoomSex #OralSex #M/F/M #FilmedSex

Movie Night

Two friends share a love of movies and set up their own movie club. One night whilst watching a DVD their relationship changes and instead of going their separate ways she ends up bound to a table in an exploration of their sexual desires.

#Bondage #OralSex #m/f #Sex #friendsandsex #Titwank #CreamPie

The Office

A woman shares her office daydreams before recounting an erotic tale of her and a colleague working late one night. When the man becomes aggressive the woman has to control the situation and they end up sharing a truly erotic experience.

#officesex #fantasy #m/f #sex #roughsex #oralsex #spanking #slightdomination