Buttology: The Do’s and Don’ts of Butt Augmentations…

I know there is a high-profile on big butts at the moment. I’ve been complemented on my own, which I find weird as I’ve always hated my fat arse!

I don’t get the craze of people wanting to have operations to enhance their behind features. Boobs I get, you see them all the time but paying money to improve something you can never get a good look at? Not for me!

If you are considering giving Kim K a run for her money then maybe you should read this first…

Buttology: The Do’s and Don’ts of Butt Augmentations

If you are considering any form of cosmetic enhancement then it is always best to go to a professional to ensure the work is done correctly. Even if this means you need to save up for longer to afford it.

We’ve all seen the ‘when cosmetic surgery goes wrong’ programmes and no one wants to end up on there or worse… be safe people!