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So what do we have in store this bank holiday weekend?

Women’s Health

Have Your Say In Women’s Health Naked Survey – It’s the Biggest Yet

8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Yeast Infections

Orgasm Headaches Are A Thing—Here’s What You Can Do About Them

‘This Is The One Thing That Totally Changed My Sex Life’

‘How Can I Tell If I’m A Squirter In Bed?’

Could Your Diet Soda Habit Increase Your Risk For Dementia Or Stroke?

5 Subtle Ways To Fall Even Deeper In Love With Your Partner

This Is How Many Women Actually Like Rough Sex

Here’s How to Prevent Ingrown Pubes Once and For All

This Is What Guys Really Think Of Sexy Lingerie

‘I Tried Masturbating While My Partner Watched—Here’s What Happened’


16 Bad Vagina Habits You Should Ditch ASAP

21 Bad Penis Habits You Should Ditch ASAP

Would You Have A Threesome With These Celeb Couples?

17 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happen In Every Porno

27 Tweets About Vaginas That Will Make You Say “Same”

Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this lovely sunny spring week?…


Is It Normal to Bleed After Anal Sex?


If You Get 10/10 On This Quiz, Congratulations, You’re A Sex Pro!

9 Products Your Vagina Will Love

What Is Your Best Feature Based On Your Sex Preferences?

Women’s Health

7 Sex Positions That Are More Fun Than Doggy Style

Exactly What These 5 Crazy-Looking Vibrators Actually Do

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Wearing A Menstrual Cup

5 Women Reveal The Vibrators That Totally Changed Their Sex Lives

5 Women Share The Times They Dated Someone Taboo—And What It Was Like

6 Hot Sex Tips That Will Make Your Entire Body Feel Ahhhh-Mazing

Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

7 Things You Should Never Use As Lube

7 Guys On What It Was Like To Catch Their Girlfriends Masturbating

6 Things You Should Know About Boob Jobs—From Women Who’ve Had Them

Here’s How You Can Get A Free Vibrator Today

Will This Super-Common Habit REALLY Cause Problems In Your Relationship?

’10 Kinky Things My Husband And I Have Done To Spice Up Our Marriage’

8 Stories Of Vacation Sex Gone Horribly Wrong


26 BDSM Fantasies You Might Not Want To Read In Public

So, You Can Get A Unicorn Dildo Now, If You Want

18 Bizarre Sex Toys That’ll Confuse The Hell Out Of You

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So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

6 Tantric Tricks That Will Help You Have An Insane Orgasm

11 Subtle Tricks Happy Couples Use To Get Even Closer

Why You Get So Sore After Sex Sometimes

8 Once-In-A-Lifetime Sex Experiences Everyone Should Have

11 Things We Wish Guys Knew About Orgasms

This One Thing Completely Changed The Way My Partner And I Have Sex

6 Ways To Make Masturbation Even Better

7 Sex Positions That Work Your G-Spot And Clit—At The Same Time

This Is What It’s Really Like To Date A Man With A Small Penis


Always good advise to take your jewellery off before playing!

This Man’s Story About Losing His Wedding Ring Inside His Wife Will Make You Never Want to Have Sex Again

17 Most Hilarious Google Translations of Cosmo Sex Tips


Ok so this has changed my mind about trying out the whole whipped cream sex idea with my other half!

12 Sex + Food Horror Stories You Won’t Be Able To Unread

24 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Sex Therapist


The Man Trap Position

Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

Your March Sex Horoscope: Your Sex Life Needs A Spring Cleaning

Recommended by 3 Things Your Guy Wants You To Do In Bed…But Will Never Ask For

I Tried To Have Morning Sex Every Day For A Week, And Here’s What Happened

7 Things Guys Do When They’re Not Over Their Exes

7 OTC Meds That Might Make Your Sex Life Suck

8 Things All Guys Think When They’re Getting Ready To Propose

This Is What It’s Really Like To Date A Man With A Small Penis

What’s That On Your Hoo-Ha? 5 Vaginal Conditions You Need To Know About

‘Why I Love My High Sex Drive’

3 Ways To Start Experimenting With BDSM

12 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Doggy Style

The REAL Reason Why A Hot Sex Life Makes You So Much Happier


I Planned an Orgy With My Best Friend And It Was the Most Liberating Experience of My Life

How a 25-Year-Old Guy on the West Coast Uses Instagram to Find Hookups

The Telegraph

‘Netflix cheating’ and Whatsapp dodging: Are you guilty of these modern relationship crimes?


12 Real AF Sex Situations That Will Make You Cringe

26 Sex Toys That Actually Get The Job Done


Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this Valentine’s Day week?

Women’s Health

‘This Is How Sex Changed For Me After I Stopped Drinking’

‘I Tore My Penis During Sex—Here’s What It Was Like’

30 Women Get Real About What It’s Like to Live With Anxiety—And How They Cope

7 Kick-Ass Sex Toys You Can Get On Amazon Prime

33 Percent Of People Say THIS Is The New Threesome

7 Women Share Their Most Epic Worst Date Stories


16 Things Women Want You To Know About Going Down On Them

9 Tips That Will Make Sex Amazing For Anyone With A Penis

23 Sex Ed Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe Then Laugh Or Cry

17 Amazingly Awful Valentine’s Day Horror Stories That’ll Make You Cringe So Hard


My Weekend at a Sex Lodge

Men’s Health

What to Do If You Want to Have Sex Way More Often Than Your Partner

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So let’s see what we have in store this week!

Women’s Health

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly made news headlines!

Everything You Need To Know About Golden Showers

Sex in the snow sounds interesting until you’re freezing your butt off!

5 Women Share Their Steamiest Winter Sex Stories

New year, new ways to have fun!

12 New Sex Positions Every Woman Should Try This Year

Well Valentine’s Day is approaching…

6 Cheap (But Kick-Ass) Sex Toys You Can Get At Spencer’s

5 Ways PCOS Might Be Secretly Messing With Your Weight

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Asking For Hotter Sex

7 Gross Skin Problems You Can Get From Having Sex

Donald Trump was unexpected…

6 Things Everyone Googled Last Year To Get Off

7 Parents Explain The Most Brutal Times Their Kids Cock Blocked Them


5 Bold and Bouncy Sex Positions to Try With an Exercise Ball

QUIZ: What’s Your Blow Job IQ?

Mashable UK

With Valentine’s Day coming up these might not be to everyone’s taste but for someone out there it could be the perfect gift..

Vagina necklaces that are almost as popular as real vaginas


17 Penis Horror Stories Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

17 Sex Tips For A Kinkier 2017

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I don’t know about anyone else but I’m having a slow start to 2017, just finding it hard to get into a rhythm so I thought I’d catch up on some reading!…

Women’s Health

6 Resolutions Sex Therapists Want You to Make This Year

These NSFW Photos Prove Once And For All That People Are Gorgeous At Every Size

Your January 2017 Sex Horoscope, Revealed

10 Insanely Embarrassing Sex Moments That Actually Happened to Real Women

6 Women With Kick-Ass Careers Explain How They Balance Work And Love

Sleeping with Someone Who Has Herpes? Here’s What You Need to Know

8 Women Share What They Learned from Dating Mr. Wrong


6/11 means I need to do some homework!

Only A Truly Kinky Person Can Get 8 Or More Correct On This Quiz

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So what do we have in store this week??

Women’s Health

15 Things You Didn’t Know About His Penis

These 4 Guys Describe Their Best Rough Sex Experiences Ever

7 Sex Positions You Have to Try This Thanksgiving

Recommended by 9 Women Share the Sex Positions They Tried Once…and Never Again

How to Have an Orgasm That Lasts a Full Minute Long

4 Women Open Up About What It’s Really Like to Sleep with Your Ex-Husband

How I Fell in Love at First Sight’: 4 Guys Explain

Exactly What You Need to Know About Experimenting with Rough Sex

Recommended by 5 Ways to Make Your Next Ob-Gyn Appointment Suck a Little Less

Recommended by The Secret to Making Sure Your Sex Life Stays Hot in a Long-Term Relationship

8 Guys Share the Things They Wish They Knew About Sex Before They Started Doing It

10 Women Share How They Took Their Sex Lives from Meh to Mind-Blowing

The 8 Craziest Things Nurses Have Ever Seen

5 Sex Positions That Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Orgasm


Literally Just 22 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Sex

How Does Your Sex Life Compare To Everyone Else’s?

18 Bizarre Sex Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice About Having Sex Again

What % Of Your Sex Potential Have You Unlocked?

The Light Media

A lesson to us all in being careful sexters!

17 Sexting Horror Stories That Prove Hell Is Real


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It’s definitely getting colder, I need to wrap up in a blanket to see what we have in store this week!

Women’s Health

5 Things You Should NEVER Do After Sex

7 Women Share How They Got Busted Having Sex in Public

A lot of people find love and friendships online, just remember to always stay safe!

How to Initiate an Online Friendship Without Coming Off as Creepy

Maybe now some men will be a little more sympathetic to what us women go through on a monthly basis!

Apparently There’s a New Male Birth Control That Works—But Guys Are Complaining of Side Effects

7 Women Speak Up About Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Say ‘Vagina’

5 Crazy Sex Positions for When You’re Feeling Like a Badass

8 Things Guys Think During Doggy Style

7 Next-Level Moves to Make Your Favorite Sex Position Even Hotter

7 Ways You Can Use Your Hands to Make Sex Hotter

7 Sex Positions You Can Try While Watching Football

Exactly How to Keep Your Sex Life Hot When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant


Don’t forget that Christmas is coming, why not invest in some new adult toys?!

21 Of The Best Sex Toys You Can Get On Amazon

The Light Media

This could be a ‘thinking outside the box’ Christmas present for the right woman!

An Artist Painted Drake, Jon Hamm, And Other Celeb Men Going Down On Women