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Women’s Health

7 Redditors Reveal The Things They Like During Sex That Others Find Gross

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15 Sex Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe But Also Laugh

Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

My doctor said I should pee straight after sex. Will I get a UTI if I don’t?

What’s The Best Sex Position To Conceive A Baby?

5 Sex Positions To Try When His Penis Is Way Too Big

How to use a vibrator the *right* way


Here Are Some Pretty Interesting Facts Women Need To Know About Their Bodies And Pregnancy

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Are These Horrifying Sex Stories True Or False?

13 Libido Facts For People Who Want More (Or Less) Sex

Women’s Health

9 Women Share What It Was Like To Orgasm For The First Time

Can Your Vibrator Really Cause ‘Dead Vagina Syndrome’?

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

11 Women Share Their Best Lines For Guys Who Refuse To Wear Condoms

9 Sex Positions To Try This Valentine’s Day



‘I Had Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery And It Transformed My Sex Life’

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So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

If you’re going to do it then do it well, be thoughtful and be prepared!

Your Guide To Making Anal Sex Feel Way More Enjoyable

Meeting someone who makes your heart skip a beat when you look at them and who you perceive as perfect even though you know no one is, doesn’t happen to everyone. If you find that person never let them go because that is a precious gift. But there are different kinds of love and if someone makes you happy and is there for you when times get tough that is important too. It’s always best to be honest and realistic in relationships, you might not both be on the same page but always be kind and honest about it and you might find a common ground you’re both happy with, even if it’s just good friends. No one want’s to feel like you ‘settled’ for them because a part of them will always be wondering if you’re waiting for someone better to come along and biding your time and it’s probably doomed to fail.

‘Why I Refuse To Settle In A Relationship’

5 Things You Should Know About Vaginal Cancer

9 Toxic Dating Habits You Need To Break This Year


18 Period Sex Horror Stories

Men’s Health

8 People Share What It’s Really Like to Have a Threesome

7 Signs Of Colon Cancer You Should Never Ignore

I know it’s a bit old, but always good to do some revision 😉

Here’s Exactly How You Should Be Touching Her Clitoris, According To Over 1,000 Women

7 Ways to Give Her an Orgasm She’ll Never Forget

4 Reasons Why Hand Jobs Are Totally Underrated

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Women’s Health

The 6 Craziest Sex Injuries ER Doctors Have Ever Seen

‘I Went Through Sex-Addiction Therapy—Here’s What It Was Like’

20 Sexy Board Games That’ll Heat Up Your Bedroom

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15 Wild Sex Stories Of People Who Slept With Their Best Friend’s Mom Or Dad

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So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

‘I Masturbated Every Day For A Week—Here’s What Happened’

​5 Easy Ways To Soothe Your Itchy Vagina, According To Gynecologists

12 Dating Tips From People Who Met Their Significant Other On An App

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14 Sex Horror Stories That’ll Make You Clutch Your Hair And Never Let Go

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What do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

How To Make Yourself Squirt During Sex

8 Reasons You’ve Lost Your Libido, According To A Sex Therapist

‘The One Change That Totally Reignited My Sex Life’

‘I Went To Blow-Job School, And Here Are 10 Things I Learned’

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17 Things Everyone With A Vagina Should Know

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So what do we have in store this week?…

Women’s Health

Everything You Need to Know About Breast Cysts

Should You Tell Your S.O. If You’ve Never Orgasmed?

7 New Types Of Masturbation You Should Try To Score Amazing Orgasms

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Men’s Health

7 Ways to Give Her an Orgasm She’ll Never Forget


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So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

We’ve all been there…

5 Reasons Your Butt Is Itching Like Crazy

The 7 Best Sex Positions To Try If You Hate Being On Top

Why You Should Re-Think Your Lube If You’re Trying To Get Pregnant

Don’t forget people Christmas is fast approaching!

The 7 Best Sex Toys of All Time

3 Things You NEED To Do After Using a Sex Toy

The Signs Of Ovarian Cancer EVERY Woman Should Know About

This Incredible Wearable Vibrator For Couples Keeps Selling Out

This Is How Long Sex Actually Lasts For Most Couples


I got a 6Ft 2″ Fireman!

Tell Us If You Think These Things Are Sexy Or Cringe And We’ll Reveal Your Future Husband



Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week?

Women’s Health

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Using A Sex Swing

10 Top Cancer Experts Reveal What They Do To Avoid The Deadly Disease

The Symptoms Of Colon Cancer That Every Young Woman Should Know

6 Totally Common Vagina Questions You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask


15 Sex Facts Your History Teachers Didn’t Want You To Know About

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The 2017 Sex Toy Awards