Stories From My Inbox…

Time to trawl the inbox again and see what excitement we can find!

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Not only did I have some stories in my Inbox from Men’s Health I also found some articles on Cosmopolitan that were interesting.

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Remember to check yourself regularly girls and boys! Yes boys need to check their ‘boobs’ too.

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A special shout out to You… Only Wetter for this article 😉

Cunnilingus Tricks She’ll Crave

Writers, Business and Building A Social Media Presence

I’ve been working hard on building a social media platform so I can promote my writing and it occurred to me there are so many ways to do this.

I spent the last 10 years working for a company where a big part of my job was preparing tender documents and searching out business development opportunities. I was good at it.

In fact the company is now working in 3 areas I highlighted for future development when the markets they were operating in were starting to dry up.

I have a pretty creative mind when it comes to business, I always have. Someone once told me I could sell snow to Eskimos.

Yet I’ve never been driven to sell myself before but helping others comes easy to me.

Friends come to me with ideas of things they are doing/ selling and the ideas just flow but when it’s me sitting down to promote myself the ideas dry up.

So I decided to look at my writing as a different person I am trying to promote and because I don’t use my given name that helps me get in the mindset.

As far as I can see there are two ways to crack the social marketing world. You can collect followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook or you can find the people out there who want to interact with you and be the potential customers for your product.

At the end of the day most of us are writing with the aspiration of not only having people appreciate and read our work but also being prepared to pay us for our efforts.

It is the same for any business, you create a product or service with the idea that people will pay you for your efforts.

If you want to collect followers and likes then go ahead, hit up all the ‘Team Followback’ people and like everything under the sun and you’ll get thousands of followers but if they don’t use your service, retweet your messages or buy your work is there any point?

I’ve just looked at who some of my followers on Twitter are following, with the aim of seeing if there was anyone that I would be interested in following.

I saw businesses following teenagers talking about Bieber and One Direction. If you are a serious business then are they your target audience?

Or are you following them so they follow you and all their followers follow you?

If so you will end up with a timeline full of drivel you don’t read and thousands of followers who don’t engage with you or use your services.

Or, do you follow the people who are old enough to vote and might actually need or use your service, interact with you, help get your message out and buy your product?

If I’m going to take someone seriously on social media, then I’m probably going to look at your followers and if I see a bunch of teenagers talking Bieber then I’m not going to take you seriously.

I’m also going to look at your tweets before I follow you to see if I find you interesting and engaging. I don’t want a timeline full of Tweets I don’t read.

If you have spent your hard work and effort on creating a blog, book, product or service then you need to be targeting the right people to sell it to.

If you are just interested in collecting followers and don’t have something to sell then the ‘Team Followback’ people are your best shot.

If you want to be seen as professional then make your social media profile professional too.

I see little value in hitting up the ‘Team Followback’ people. I am trying to sell my erotic fiction stories.

Whilst teenagers are sometimes obsessed with sex there are plenty of free pictures and gifs on Twitter to help them out, they are not interested in what I am trying to promote and as such are not going to buy my work.

So if they won’t buy my work and retweet my messages to generate promotion are they of any benefit to me?

I decided to follow the people who might be interested in my work. Namely other erotic fiction authors, sex toy and lingerie providers, kinksters and fetishists, bloggers and books reviewers the list goes on.

I also follow publishers, magazines and online newspapers who might be interested in my work if they happen to see it.

By following other erotic fiction authors I’m hoping people who liked their work might look to their followers and find mine.

I decided if I’m following you and you’re on my timeline then I’m going to engage with you. By talking to people I have made two contacts who have promoted me on their websites, authors helping promote other authors. This is what I what my social media presence to be about.

I retweet people if they say something I enjoy, if they have a message I agree with, if they make me laugh and if they need help promoting something, I do this in the hope that when I need help they will remember and repay the favour.

I start up conversations with people in the hope of getting to know them better and maybe sharing help and advice. By and large I’ve found people to be very helpful if you approach them in the right way, I’ve learned a lot in a short space of time.

I have no time for people who are automatic tweeting like a robot. Its social media and therefore it should be interactive and that means talking to people.

If you have thousands upon thousands of followers then you can’t talk to all of them but how many of those thousands of people are using their hard-earned cash to reward your efforts and buy your work and how many of them are just clogging your timeline?

I accept if you’re EL James you won’t and don’t need to interact with all your followers but I’m not EL James.

I’m not saying I’m right, everyone has their own ideas but its something that has been bugging me whilst trying to work out how to promote myself.

I want to interact with the people who are reading my work. I want them to be able to say Hi and tell me they liked it or suggest how I can make it better. I want to talk to humans and not follow people who autobot spam messages promoting their work.

The way I see it when I approach publishers it is going to make me look a more attractive all round prospect if I can say my blog has had this many hits, my website this many hits, I have x amount of Twitter followers and I’m active on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Even with a professional publishing contract I’m probably going to be required to do an amount of self promotion so if I can demonstrate that I already do this at the time of contact that can only help me, right?

So far I’ve found the following things have helped me to promote myself online and to build a bigger social media presence.

They may not work for you or you may not have considered them so I’ll give you a list:-

  • Twitter – Follow your competitors, people who are your potential customers, people who can help promote your work, people who post helpful articles and tips for your chosen market, people who blog and review in your chosen market, magazines, books, blogs written for and about your chosen market, people you would like to interact with and finish it off with a little bit of you, the things you like and the people you relate to. You don’t have to automatically follow everyone who follows you and you can mute the people you find boring without affecting your followers figures or them knowing! See who your followers are following from time to time and you might find some interesting contacts you didn’t previously think of.
  • Facebook – pretty much the same as Twitter. Link your Twitter to post your messages on Facebook to kill 2 birds with one stone. Join groups of similar minded people.
  • Google+ – Link your Twitter, website, blog and Facebook to post on Google+ and interact with people. I have found a lot of interesting articles on Google+ that have given me ideas for marketing and promotion too.
  • Create a blog – find your voice whether that is reviewing products and services, offering advice to people, writing random things that annoy you, writing helpful hints or posting stories and articles. Be you and be honest and people will relate to that.
  • Create a website – I used Weebly to create my website. I found it easy and I’m not particularly great with technology. I promote my Facebook and Twitter on there and have a news page to keep people up to date with what I’m doing and of course I promote my work. I post the website updates to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Use the website to do more than just sell your product, use it to show a bit of who you are too.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile – I created a new profile for my writing persona and I link it to my website to attract new followers and interest. I’m still working on the best way to use LinkedIn for promotion but it’s another avenue you could attract interest and its free so you have nothing to lose my promoting yourself on there.

The main thing to remember is talk to people and interact, you don’t know who they are or how they can help you. Strike up a conversation and you might just find that person will be able to help you further down the line or you may find a new drinking buddy. It’s called social media for a reason!

Another handy website is Stumbleupon. Post your website and blog pages on there and you’ll get loads of extra hits. Plus it is a really cool site for filtering the web and finding things that interest you that you might not get to see.

There is a website called Twellow which is the ‘yellow pages’ for Twitter users so if you have a business to promote add yourself on there.

Like I said I don’t have all the answers. I know what I’ve been working on in the last few weeks and what has worked for me so I’m happy to share my ideas incase it works for someone else too.

If anyone else has something they want to add to this that has helped them then please comment.

If you have something you would like to ask me then feel free, I’m happy to try to help.


Size Doesn’t Always Matter…

People obsess about cock size but it isn’t the only consideration to great sex.

Once you learn how to handle what you were blessed with and read the signals of your partner size becomes one in a list of considerations to amazing sex.

Don’t forget to experiment and listen to each other to make the most of your experiences.

There is a world of possibilities out there to try, so why not have some fun?! 😉

These articles might help fire up the imagination!

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Why You’re So Horny When You’re Hungover

I found this interesting. Personally I’ve never had a hangover, I’m pretty good at drinking within my limits and the times I’ve gone over that I’ve always woken up fine but incredibly hungry. I guess I just got lucky.

Its interesting though, I can see the validity of hangover sex.

Despite what the article says I’m sure if someone cares about you enough they’ll help you out! 😉

Why You’re So Horny When You’re Hungover

Men’s Health

I decided to see what sex tips Men’s Health had to offer and found some interesting ones to share.

I can concur with most of these 😉

Sex Positions She Craves

A sexual partner who is prepared to explore your desires with you is a massive turn on. If you are prepared to explore our desires we’ll be more inclined to explore yours too. So yes is the answer to the question 😉

Does she deserve a spanking?

I agree with this. The more sex we have the more we want. We need to be able to feel safe with you and ask for what we want. We need to be able to communicate and not feel afraid of rejection. If you are open and prepared to talk things will be a lot more fun.

5 easy ways to make her horny

Sometimes we need a bit of attention rather than a quick hard fuck. There is nothing wrong with taking your time every now and again and switching things up!

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