Stories From My Inbox…

So lets see what we have in store this week?!

Women’s Health

I’ve never been a very good sleeper so I probably should take note of the tips in this article to help me sleep better!

6 Things You Should Never Do Before Bed

‘It’s like a vending machine up there’ is not a phrase I ever thought I would read in association with a vagina!

5 Women Share the Most TMI Things Their Friends Have Told Them About Their Sex Lives

I’m not sure I would be brave enough to do it!

My Husband and I Let Strangers Watch Us Have Sex Online for $8

I Visited the Largest Sex Toy Factory in the U.S. to Help Your Sex Life

13 Women Share the Hilarious Thoughts That Went Through Their Heads the First Time They Saw a Penis

11 Men Share the Biggest Secrets They Keep from Their Partners

6 Sex Problems You Don’t Need to Worry About, According to Sex Therapists

10 Couples Reveal Their Most Memorable Sexual Experiences

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