Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week??!!


If These Penis And Vagina Highlighters Don’t Give You A Beauty Boner, Nothing Will

Women’s Health

10 Reasons Why You Should Masturbate When You’re in a Relationship

9 Women Reveal the Things They’ll Never Do During Sex Again

7 Women Share Their Hottest Vacation Sex Stories

I think these could look nice…

Let’s Discuss This New Line of Men’s Lingerie…

Is It Actually Dangerous to Sleep with More Than One Person in a Week?

Recommended by 5 Period Symptoms That Warrant a Visit to Your Ob-Gyn

7 Women Share the Sex Myths They’ve Busted IRL

Can Pre-Workout Sex Improve Your Performance at the Gym?

8 Very Honest People Share What It’s Really Like to Have a Threesome

What Went Down When These 5 Women Shared Their Secret Sex Fantasies

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