Stories From My Inbox…

So what do we have in store this week I wonder??

I saw this on Twitter and it looked interesting, I’m sure there are people out there who would love to  give it a try 😉

Bigger Longer Stronger

Marie Claire

Why women are giving up on wearing knickers for health reasons

Women’s Health

6 Masturbation Mistakes That Are Undermining Your O

Real Women Share How They Turned One-Night Stands into Relationships

7 Things Guys Think About When You’re on Top

This Is the Spot Where You Want to Be Touched Most During Foreplay

6 Sex Therapists Share What They Do to Break Out of a Sex Rut

7 Things Guys Think About When They’re Taking Off Your Clothes

What It Means if You Have One of These 7 Types of Stomach Pains

5 Afterplay Moves to Ensure the Sex Wasn’t for Nothing

What to Do if Your Kids Catch You Having Sex

We all need to do them!

These High-Tech Panties Teach Your Vag How to Do Kegels Correctly

7 Guys Share How They Really Feel When You Bust Out a Sex Toy

This has inspired me to write a sex bucket list for myself, I think it would be interesting to share it with my playmate, might give him a bit of a shock 😉

I Tried These 15 Sex Bucket List Experiences So You Don’t Have To

You’ll Become More Sexually Adventurous After This Age, Says Study

7 Women Reveal the Worst Places They’ve Ever Had Sex

This Is Where 73 Percent of Guys Want to Have Sex

These 7 Women Share the Weirdest Things Guys Have Said Mid-Bone

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