Stories From My Inbox…

What do we have in store this week I wonder?!…

Women’s Health

Always make time for the ones you love because you never get that time back!

How to Make Your Love Life Work When You’re Both Busy as Hell

Butt Motorboating: Yes, Real People Are Doing It

We all get a little self-absorbed sometimes and forget to show those around us how much we care…

11 Tiny Gestures Anyone Can Do to Make Their Partner Feel Appreciated

The poor woman…

I Pooped While Having an Orgasm

Some people like to know these things!

How Normal Is Your Sex Life?

Sounds like an interesting place to recharge your batteries!

Need a Vacay? This Erotic Theme Park Might Be Just What the (Sex) Doctor Ordered

How to Use Your Butt Cheeks (and His) for Hotter Sex

Not that they would ever admit they have them 😉

How to Help Your Guy Out When He’s on His Period

Here’s What It Means if Your Guy’s Penis Smells

This seems to be a very harsh way of dealing with it…

Would You Give Up Sex to Get Out of Debt?

This seems to be a strange verdict…

Court Rules Oral Sex Isn’t Rape Even if the Victim Is Unconscious

Who knew!

5 Ways Sex Is Really, Really Good for Your Skin and Hair

8 Things You’ve Heard About STDs That Are Totally Bogus

Game of Thrones is a good one!

The 7 Best TV Shows to Have Sex To

6 Incredible Sensations Your Sex Life Is Crying Out For

Aubergines have never been so popular 😉

What Your Favorite Dirty Emoji Says About You

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Having Sex with a Yeast Infection

It’s polite to be a giver and receiver!

Not All Oral Is Equal: Why Men Are Still So Terrified of Vaginas

Men’s Health

I know a few men who love being watched…

Why She Wants to Watch You Masturbate


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