Stories From My Inbox…

So let’s see what we have in store this week…

Women’s Health

Young Women Aren’t Using Condoms for Totally Bogus Reasons

How to Meditate for More Orgasms

How to Have the Best Boob Sex of Your Life

7 Guys Admit the Dickish Things They’ve Done to Make Their Girlfriends Jealous

7 Sexy Ways to Use Your Hair in Bed

12 Unconventional Ways to Have the Best Orgasm of Your Life

9 Hot Ways to Use a Mirror During Sex

This Hard to Reach Spot Could Give You a Massive Orgasm

How to Have the Hottest Sex Ever—Using Your Ears


Sex Confession: What Happened When I Introduced Pegging to My Relationship

I’m not sure it will catch on!

These Prom Dresses Made Entirely Out of Condoms Are So Chic

I’m not convinced men will agree to injections into their balls or going to the doctor to get top ups!

Reversible, Condomless Male Birth Control Will Be Here in 2018

12 Things Guys Think About Their Butts

11 Texting Rules That Are Bullshit

17 Super Cringe-Worthy Confessions

Quiz: Are You Better at Making Love or Having Sex?

11 Sex Workers Share the Strangest Things Clients Have Asked Them to Do

One set of pills I tried made me lose my mind. I was just starting to get close to a guy I really loved but the pills made me so crazy it scared him off. I couldn’t control my moods at all, it was scary and I felt guilty all the time and couldn’t explain why. No wonder the poor guy was so freaked out. Luckily nearly 3 years later we are still friends; he’s one of the most amazing men I have ever met, let alone one of the sexiest!

Women Are Sharing Their Terrifying Birth Control Stories Online

Men’s Health

9 Secret Erogenous Zones She’s Dying For You to Touch

8 Ways to Flirt Without Saying a Single Word

The Scientific Key to Giving Her Multiple Orgasms

Always get your health concerns looked at because it could be nothing to worry about just as much as it is something scary you are afraid of facing; but unless you are brave enough to find out you won’t put your mind at rest!

The Penis Problem Many Guys Completely Ignore

The Riskiest Sex Position For Your Penis

What’s on Her Mind During Sex

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