Stories From My Inbox…

So let’s see what we have in store this Easter Weekend…

Women’s Health

How to Bite His Body for Hotter Sex

11 Sexy Things to Do to Your Partner’s Belly Button in Bed

7 Types of Bumps and Blemishes You Should Never Try to Pop

Is Your Relationship Doomed if Your Sex Drives Aren’t Compatible?

Guys Share the Hottest Thing a Woman Has Ever Done to Their Balls

5 Unfortunate Things That Can Happen When You Have Sex in a Hot Tub

Choking as a Sex Move—Is It for You?

6 Insanely Sexy Ways to Use Your Feet During Foreplay

How to Give Your Partner a Happy Ending Massage

The 4 Worst Sex Lies People Tell

5 Myths About What Men Really Want in Bed

Men’s Health

Hate Giving Oral Sex? Try These Tweaks

The New Rules Of One-Night Stands

10 Simple Ways to Protect Your Erection Right Now

5 Things That Only Happen In Porn

What to Say to a Woman to Instantly Seduce Her

How to Give Her an Orgasm In 15 Minutes


How to Keep Things Exciting Even When You’ve Been Dating Forever

13 Things Every Woman Thinks Before She Fakes an Orgasm

7 People Share Stories of the Worst Dates of All Time

Are You Orgasming Without Even Knowing It?

The Life of a Professional Dick Pic Critic

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