Stories From My Inbox…

So lets see what we have in store this week!

I found this article on WordPress; reading it earlier made me crave my someone special… if he’s good I might even test some of them out!

100 Things You Should Sext Your Man If You Want Him To Cum In His Pants Immediately

Women’s Health

Some motivation for all the budding female entrepreneurs out there!

Ladies: Read This if You’re Thinking of Starting Your Own Business

On a recent night out with the girls we talked about getting Tattoos. It’s something I’ve always been curious about doing…

If You’re on the Fence About Getting a Tattoo, This News Will Make You Say ‘YES!’

But as with everything there are just as many bad news stories to scare you off just enough!

Tattoos Can Actually Cause Long-Term Skin Problems

Sometimes you just need it to last longer….

Your Hot AF Guide to Mastering Slow Sex

9 Sex Positions That’ll Make You Feel the Love

It’s not just women who have body hang ups…

The Surprising Way His Body Hang-ups Are Affecting Your Sex Life

You should never string someone along, always be honest. You never know the impact your words have on someone else or how much damage they can cause. It’s always best to be open and honest… and never give someone false hope, that’s a painful thing to get over…

The Kindest, Most Effective Way to Call Things Off with Someone You’re Not Into

Your Guide to Using Dildos During Sex

Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Indulge in a Sexual Fantasy—Without Your Partner

Recommended by Apparently There Are 7 Types of Boobs—Which Do You Have?

The 4 Most Dangerous Sex Positions for His Penis

Recommended by How Watching Gay Porn Can Make Your Straight Relationship Hotter

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