Stories From My Inbox…

So let’s see what we have in store this week…


Is Cunnilingus an Acquired Taste?

NSFW: 13 People Share Their Most Offensively Horrifying Masturbation Stories

Women’s Health

Is Your Sex Pain Standard—or a Serious Red Flag?

The Best Sex Positions for Quickies

5 Things You’re Scared to Try in Bed—That Might Actually Blow Your Mind

9 Guys Divulge Their Secret Sex Rituals

14 Mind-Blowing Facts About Orgasms

Maybe is shouldn’t have teased my male friend about this recently…

Can Women Get Blue Balls, Too?

8 Booty Calls Every Girl Can Relate To

We Had Our Sex Dreams Analyzed by an Expert—and It Got Deep

Please Sign Us Up for These 3 Condoms of the Future

Men’s Health

The Most Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

5 Exercises That Can Cause a Spontaneous Orgasm

Seduce Any Woman in the World

The 10 Craziest Things Guys Think About When They Masturbate

Why You Wake Up With Morning Wood

Here’s Exactly How She Wants You to Touch Her Clitoris

Which Condom Is Best for You?

The Penis Problem Many Guys Completely Ignore

10 Things That Are Hotter Than Sexting

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