Valentines Day…

So with Valentines Day coming up (14th February, in case you forget!) I thought I would do a special post with some gift ideas.

Valentines gifts can be a minefield, people often stick to the tried and trusted flowers and chocolates, but I think we can be a bit more creative than that people!

The best gifts are not always the most expensive or the most obvious, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that show we know the person we are gifting for, that we take notice of the little things.

Obviously for some women they want the flowers, chocolates and jewellery delivered to their office so they can show off to all their friends how much their partner loves them. These women are usually very obvious about that need.

But for some women putting together a shoe box full of their favourite toiletries, chocolate, perfume, a book from their favourite author or genre and a new set of their favourite underwear would be the best valentines gift they ever received.

Sure you can team it up with their favourite bunch of flowers and a table at their favourite restaurant too or maybe cook them their favourite meal at home. What you are saying is that you did your homework and you noticed what she uses, what she smells like, what she wears and what she reads… and that is pretty sexy.

I always like to look at sites like Not On The High Street and Prezzy Box for special gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary. There are lots of gifts that can be personalised too, why not choose something to include the special markers of your relationship – first date, first kiss, first holiday etc and prove that you do remember the special moments!

If you want to go down the lingerie route there are plenty of sites that can help you with that in a range of prices. Have a look through her underwear drawer and see the sorts of things she is comfortable wearing and note the sizes, this will avoid any awkwardness when shopping. Keep within the range of her comfort zone, unless you know she is happy with being adventurous, then you should be fine.

But as a note, not all women like to receive lingerie as a gift. No matter how well-meant it is. For some women sexy lingerie is a turn on and they are happy to try different styles but for others it could be seen as you being unhappy with what they wear, what they are comfortable in.

If you are looking to add to spice to your love life then you could look at the range of sex toys on offer and go a little 50 Shades of Grey! But again be careful, not every women wants a super large dildo or butt plug trainers. If you are unsure you could shop together or buy a gift voucher and sit and talk together about what you would both enjoy.

Something to get you started…

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You could book a romantic weekend away or dinner in your favourite restaurant too, especially for the woman who loves surprises.

Then there are those of you out there who are planning to propose on valentine’s day, which I hear can be full of pressure. The proposal story is one that will be told over and over again and the ring displayed proudly for all to see. For some women it won’t matter about how and where or the size of the ring, it’s about spending the rest of your life with the man you love.

For other women, it will be all about the ring she chose as a little girl playing dress up, the idea in her head of how and where she was going to be proposed to and the dream wedding which she has been planning all her life.

I skipped those childhood fantasies sadly so I can’t help you with that, but I bet somewhere hidden away is a journal that contains all the information you need or a best friend who would guide you in the right direction. Just don’t get caught snooping!

These ideas might help…

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You could read a sexy story together or buy an erotic novel to share together…

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Some valentines day reading.

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I’ve always thought that valentine’s day is a nice for showing the person you love how much they mean to you, but really we should do that everyday. So don’t just surprise your loved one on valentine’s day do it throughout the year too!

Good luck and have fun, whatever you decide to do.

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