Time to Change… Let’s End Mental Health Discrimination

I don’t normally use this platform to share anything serious but for this cause I will make an exception.

Tomorrow is Time To Talk Day and I wanted to talk about it as I think it is a really good idea.

Depression is something that reaches most of us one way or another, in our lives and for some of us it is something we face on a regular basis. It isn’t always easy to seek help and advice, especially when you can’t really explain how you are feeling or why.

Everyone needs a different kind of support when they are feeling down, not everyone wants to talk about their situation. Personally I found that talking to people who have experienced depression first hand helped. They understood that I don’t always know why I feel it and how quickly I can change.

I have been living with depression for the last couple of years on and off. I undertook a course of cognitive behavioural therapy to help me the first time and it really did help.

Having two very close friends that I could turn to for support was what really helped when I couldn’t talk to my family about what I was going through.

So if you know anyone who might need some support or if you feel like you need a little help then take some time to read Time to Change: Let’s End Mental Health Discrimination

There are people out there who can help you, there is nothing wrong with seeking out help and advice and believe me you are not the only one who feels that way… once you start talking about depression you’ll be surprised by how many people you know who have their own story to share.

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