Stories From My Inbox…

Let’s see what we have in store this week…

Women’s Health

I Went to Sex Therapy—and It Was a Lot More Intense Than I Expected

This NSFW Video Shows What Sex Looks Like…from the Inside

14 Pieces of Vintage Porn That Would Make Jenna Jameson Blush

9 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex with the Lights on Tonight

Men and Women in Long-Term Relationships Reveal How They Keep Their Sex Lives Hot

Men and Women Share the Telltale Signs They’re Falling in Love

How to Piece a Relationship Back Together After Someone Cheats

What to Do with the Other Guy in a Threesome

What It Means About You Sexually if You Use Emojis a Lot

More People Are Having Group Sex Than You’d Think

10 Things All Women Do in the Middle of Really Mediocre Sex

What’s Up Next for Dicks: 8 Penis Predictions for 2016

The 6 Oddest Public Apologies of 2015

The Year in Penises: 12 Times Dicks Made Headline News

How to Fearlessly Navigate a Giant Penis

14 Signs You’re Secretly a Freak in the Sheets

25 Dating Mistakes That Could Lead to a Messy Relationship


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