Stories From My Inbox…

Let’s see what we have in store this week…

Men’s Health

The Best Sex She’s Ever Had

The New Rules of Oral

10 Secrets Flight Attendants Won’t Tell You

The #1 Reason Women Cheat

Write This, Have More Sex

8 Things You Need to Know about Her Period

Why Penile Implants Are the New Boob Job

How to Make Your Daydreams Come True

What Your Favorite Sex Position Says about You


3 Ways to Make Sure He Sees You As The Girl Worth Chasing

5 Doctors Answer: Should You Have Anal Sex?

How to Navigate the Weird World of “Fake-Ups” With The Guy You Aren’t Officially Dating

10 Things Guys Really Want You to Sext

The 10 Best Things About Being on Top

Why Are So Many Couples Having Threesomes?

9 Hilariously UNsexy Things You Never Knew About Porn

11 Things Every Woman Thinks on Tinder Dates

Women’s Health

Your Vagina On Sex

Real Guys Describe the Anxiety of Waiting for Girls to Text Them Back


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