Happy National Orgasm Day! …

So thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter I know it’s National Orgasm Day and that is something I think I could get on board with celebrating!

I think it’s some inspired planning by me and the girls too as we’re off to see Magic Mike XXL tonight and that is guaranteed to get a girl in the mood.

But sadly I’m not envisioning bringing anyone home tonight so I’ll be going solo which is not a bad thing. There is no shame in admitting that sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands and play with some toys to get the job done.

At least there is a special someone who always helps me cross the line even if he isn’t around to do it himself 😉

So I thought I’d have a look for some fun #NationalOrgasmDay stories and do a bit of internet research.

Why not choose today to learn a new skill to drive your partner wild?!

I like to keep my skills up to date and there is nothing wrong with getting a few hints and tips from perfect strangers via the internet in the privacy of your own home, which you can then use to wow your significant other. Or maybe just your next hook up.

With the amount of porn and sex stuff available online there really is no excuse for having bad skills nowadays, it’s just plain lazy.

My personal reminder to the men out there is that porn sex is fine at certain times but don’t forget that slow, steady, soft and gentle is always a good place to start. Don’t go straight in like a pile driver or grabby hands like a robot, you have to work up to the rough stuff.

But remember not everyone likes rough play so make sure you check first, set boundaries and stick to them. It’s supposed to be mutual fun whatever you’re doing so it is just plain rude to get what you want and leave your partner unsatisfied.

In my experience the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to get the same amount of effort in return. No one is going to try their best for a selfish lover.

So how about you learn to Twerk together. It looks like it would be a laugh, just be careful you don’t put your back out!

Or how about getting some tips on how to improve your blow job skills!

It’s a bit late for online shopping but how about you pull on your sexiest lingerie and surprise your man as he comes home from work.

I like dressing up as you get to be different people and you can play up to their personalities to spice things up.

It doesn’t even have to be lingerie, if you work in non-formal clothes, put your best dress on, dust off his suit and act out some James Bond or maybe Harvey Spector fantasies.

Maybe sit down with your man and do some lingerie shopping together and when your new order arrives next week you can have your very own orgasm day!

Remember it doesn’t have to be expensive to be sexy and you don’t have to be a supermodel to wear lingerie. Just find something a little out of your comfort zone and in your price range and have fun with it. Being naughty isn’t always bad!

There are some nice lingerie ideas on these websites…





I’ve always been a fan of burlesque dresses but I don’t yet have one, I might need to treat myself in the near future after seeing these!


Or maybe book tickets for you and your partner to see a Burlesque show. It’s on my to do list!


Here are some articles about #NationalOrgasmDay I found in the press…


National Orgasm Day: Don’t get caught up on climaxing

National Orgasm Day: Six reasons (plus one bogus one) why they’re good for us

National Orgasm Day: 15 things you never knew about climaxing

Whatever you do to mark the occasion have fun with it, sex is supposed to be fun!

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