Stories From My Inbox…

Stories from Huffington Post, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health:

18 Surprising Sex Tips From Men


33 Women Weigh In On Whether Penis Size Matters

Do You Still Feel The Passion?

12 Things Guys Think About Having Morning Sex

14 Sex Habits You Need to Break Immediately

I have a pretty cool job and I’m an awesome gift giver 😉

11 Things That Make Your Boyfriend Brag About You

13 Naughty Sex Games You Need to Try

9 Things Guys Would Rather Do Than Have Sex

10 Reasons You Should Be Having A LOT More Morning Sex

How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life with Someone New

Are Your Masturbation Habits Normal?

Everything That’s Ever Baffled You About Guys and Urinals—Explained

7 Reasons a Guy Will Break Things Off—Even When He’s Actually Into You

7 Men Share Their Uncensored Thoughts About Anal Sex

4 Ways to Make His Penis Feel Bigger

7 WTF “Cures” for Horniness Throughout History

I’d be happy if he replied to my text’s let alone write me a love letter lol

4 Guys Share the Mushy Stuff They Would Write in Love Letters to Their Ladies

The Best Way to Ask Her Out

The Best Sex She’s Ever Had

5 Texts Every Guy Secretly Wants to Receive

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