Dot Everyone: To Be Brilliant at the Internet…

I watched the Martha Lane Fox Jonathan Dimbleby Lecture this week purely by chance. I was about to turn the TV off for bed when she started to grab my attention.

You can find details of the lecture and watch it online here if you haven’t already.

The lecture made me think of my media savvy friend and the impact he and his company could have in helping to bring the idea of Dot Everyone to life, so I sent him a message telling him to watch. It’s people like him with his drive, vision and know how that will make Dot Everyone a reality.

I found her following statement inspiring:

It is within our reach for Britain to leapfrog every nation in the world and become the most digital, most connected, most skilled, most informed on the planet.

And I think that if we did that, it would not only be good for our economy, but it would be good for our culture, our people, our health and our happiness.

Why not? Britain has been at the forefront of so many changes, why shouldn’t we become the world leaders of the digital age?

There are a lot of disgruntled people in Britain right now. We are in the midst of one of the most important election campaigns in decades. A wrong decision by the nation now could see us sink deeper into the economic crisis we are, in some ways, clawing our way out of.

But politics isn’t that easy. The problem the politicians don’t tell you on election day when you cast your vote, is that in order for them to make the changes they promise the other parties have to vote in favour of them!

If they don’t agree now they won’t agree then and the changes won’t happen. In overly simplistic terms. It might be worth thinking about that when you place your x in the box come voting day!

The idea of Dot Everyone has excited me. It made me think that maybe there will be a role for me in Dot Everyone.

It would be nice to see Britain leading the way again. For us to see some positive success stories on the news everyday, rather than the dark scenes that fill our TV screens that are happening all over the world everyday.

We need people to inspire us and fire up our imaginations and hopefully I wasn’t the only one who was inspired by Martha’s talk. Read or watch her talk, her passion for the subject and then sign the petition.

Don’t just have your say in the voting booth have your say online now. Ask the politicians to think of the internet and the role it can have in moving our country forward.

There is so much we need to do with the internet so we can make it a safer and more positive place to spend our time.

We just need to make a start and get moving. If we don’t we’ll find ourselves quickly left behind hanging onto our dinosaur technology!

Think of the BBC, the NHS. Let’s have no poverty of ambition – we can and should be inventing the definitive public institution for our digital age.


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