Stories From My Inbox…

As I have a day off I thought I would catch up on some reading, well it is research for me too!


These articles are from Cosmopolitan:

Every Question You Have About Male Masturbation Habits, Answered

13 Things Women Think Guys Want in Bed (But They Don’t)

13 Bullshit Dating Moves Guys Pull

13 Things Not to Say to the Guy You’re Dating

These articles are from Men’s Health:

Science Reveals the Average Penis Size. How Do You Stack Up?

Sex with a Twist: 5 Hot Moves She’ll Love


This Guy Wants to Give You a Bionic Vibrating Penis

This Week in Penises

These articles are from Women’s Health:

Why Some Guys Send Unsolicited D*ck Pics

11 Lazy Ways to Burn More Calories

The Shocking Thing Men Are Insecure About in Bed

5 Moves That Are Great for Masturbation

9 Thoughts That Go Through a Man’s Head the First Time He Sleeps Next to You

What It’s Like to Get Circumcised as a Grown Man

7 Times When Casual Sex Is Actually a Good Idea

8 Places You Should Never Masturbate

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