I’ve been using CoPromote for a while to boost the reach of my Tweets. I would recommend it to other Authors as a free way of advertising your work with very little effort.

You tweet, pick which tweet you want to boost and select some tweets you would be happy to share and so it goes.

People helping each other out and cross promoting each others work with minimum fuss and effort and no cost other than your time.

You can pay to reach more people and have more than one tweet on boost at a time but that is up to you. I personally just take advantage of the free services.

I boost the work of other writers but you can narrow down the areas you are interested in and share whatever is of interest to you.

The more you boost the more your work gets seen, simple as that.

I use it in conjunction with Stumbleupon to boost my blog posts and website updates and I found that people who would never know to look for you on Twitter and Facebook are beginning to find my work.

There are so many companies and services online charging people to boost Tweets and advertise their work and I imagine the success of these varies, but sites like CoPromote and Stumbleupon go to show you can boost your own work for the price of your time.

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