Who will you be watching 50 Shades of Grey with?

People everywhere are talking about 50 Shades of Grey the movie. It’s due out in time for Valentines Day so the excitement is building and a quick check in with my local cinema shows it’s almost full on opening night.

A friend on Twitter shared a link to this article on how cinemas are preparing for the release:

Cinemas To Install Plastic Seat Covers Ahead of 50 Shades Of Grey Release

When I saw it I started to think. I’ve read the books, a while ago now so I don’t remember them that clearly, but I wouldn’t say I’m excited to see the movie. Part of that I think is the dilemma of whom to go see it with.

I was sitting eating my lunch at work yesterday and as I was bored I checked in with Twitter. I saw people eagerly waiting for the first showing of 50 Shades and E.L. James was in the house. Seeing as I was stuck at work on a Friday I was suddenly jealous and wished I was in the cinema ogling Jamie Dornan with them.

So now back to my dilemma.

I’ve spent most of my life being Bridget Jones, I won’t have a date for Valentines Day, but that’s ok. To me there is something unromantic about a man buying me flowers, chocolates and feeling obliged to take me out for candle lit overpriced food just because Hallmark says he should. That’s not just the single girl in me talking, I would feel the same if I was in a relationship.

I could try to get a group of my girlfriends together but they are all married with kids and seeing as its valentines I would imagine they have booked babysitters to have romantic evenings with their husbands.

If went out it will end as it usually does with drinks and talking about their husbands and sex lives! Which is fine I’ve always joined in and had fun but sometimes it sucks being the only single one in a married crowd.

Then there is my usual cinema crowd but as that includes my sister I think I’ll rule that one out. I’m not sure I really want to know what she likes to get up to in the bedroom and I’m not sure she’d approve of what I like 😉

Then there’s the guy, well isn’t there always a guy?! The trouble is I have no real idea how he feels about me and yeah I’m too afraid to ask. Once you ask those questions, you get an answer and then there is no going back. So asking him if he wants to watch a kink movie with me on Valentines Day is no going to happen.

Lets be honest no one wants to be rejected by someone they really like on Valentines Day. Which for some reason is worse than any other day when being rejected sucks.

It depends on the crowd of people around you but being single on the one day where every coupled up person around you is showing off their cute little love presents can be a sobering experience. Especially when people feel the need to ask how many cards you got… 😦

Then there is my kink friend, she’s a Sub  so gets the whole scene but she lives in Ohio. As a Sub she is against 50 Shades as it doesn’t portray the kink community in the way they would like. I can’t say that I understand all of the intricacies of a proper kink relationship, I prefer to dabble rather than live the life 24/7 but I have a lot more understanding now than I did when I read the books.

So I guess that leaves me going alone. I have a confession, I’ve never been to the cinema alone. I’ve considered it but there has never been a movie I was that desperate to see.

I think I’ll just stay quiet, wait for the DVD and avoid the whole issue.

Like most people 50 Shades opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know much about but probably found myself judging through ignorance. The books and my kink friend made me consider sex in a way I never had before and since then I’ve learned a lot more and can see the scene in a new light without judgement.

I know the books divided their audience and I’m sure the movies will too, but it showed like-minded people who explore their sexual desires are not a bad thing. As long as you are respectful of boundaries and open minded then there is a lot of pleasure to be had.

If the books and movies allow people to be more open-minded and less judgemental about what people get up to in their private lives then it has to be a good thing.

Seeing the movie at the cinema does pique my interest as a social experiment just to see who turns up and who with.

If you have your tickets booked already, who will you be watching with?

4 thoughts on “Who will you be watching 50 Shades of Grey with?

  1. Tbh I wouldn’t have it as a must see film but I have many a time gone to the cinema alone, yes it can be a social activity but on your own you get to choose what to see, where to sit and don’t have to keep someone informed as to the story!
    But if you’d have asked me to accompany you who knows…

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