20 Scary Stories in 5 Words

August MacGregor

I recently signed up for Twitter to give this whole tweetering thing a shot, and it’s been a neat way to see what a lot of authors out there are doing. I’m at @AugustMacGregor if you wanna give me a shout.

While on Twitter yesterday, I saw that one of the trends was #ScaryStoriesIn5Words, which just begged to be checked out. A story in 5 words? A scary one? Yes and yes. I had no idea it was a thing. And there are some fun and creative ones out there.

This just begged to be tried, so I came up with a bunch of them. Ideas kept coming, and I blame the excitement mixed with nervous energy about NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow (my first — please be gentle).

Here’s my shot at scary stories in 5 words:

  1. Seriously let’s just be friends.
  2. Blind date: Attila the Hun.
  3. Neighbor’s wearing same slutty-zombie…

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