Stories From My Inbox

Ok, so let’s see what interesting articles from Mens Health found their way into my inbox this week!

4 Places You Shouldn’t Touch During Sex

How To Have Sex for an Hour

6 Strange Side Effects of Sex

What Your Favourite Sex Position Says About You

5 Crazy Things That Can Happen When Your Short On Sleep

I’m always trying to figure out my weird dreams, a lot of them do end up happening. I also get a few erotic story ideas from my steamy dreams!

What Do Your Dreams Say About You

Who doesn’t like exploring their naughty side šŸ˜‰

Have Scary Good Sex

Why exploring your ‘feminine side’ is actually a thing!

3 Signs You Started Life As A Girl

4 thoughts on “Stories From My Inbox

  1. I practice #6 several times during sex. I finally let loose, for us both to enjoy. I move down, clean up the mess and give her her first oral O. From there, I get back into the fray and start over again. We go from 1.5 – 2+ hours using the edging and cleanup techniques. Both us are physically and emotionally spent afterward. This is what I write about in hopes that other couples can learn from what we discovered!

      • It took a while for me to get there. I went from absolute avoidance (no kisses after Mrs. giving me a thorough BJ) to now needing to be restrained from heading south! Aside from the flavor and assault on my mental erogenous zones, it is the joy in being a participating spectator as my wife transitions through a series of climatic debilitation.

      • See for me that is what it should be about two people exploring their connection and working on finding the ways to completely satisfy each other. That helps to build a healthy relationship and more people would benefit from that attitude.

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