Naughty Nine Anthology Excerpts Day 9…

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

Ok so we reached the end of the excerpts and I’ll finish on The Football Match, chosen last because well I’m going to watch Chelsea tonight and it seemed fitting to leave it to last!

We walked to the ground animatedly chatting about team selections and match predictions before sitting down in our seats in the West Stand as the teams emerged from the tunnel.

The first half was exciting, end to end football with plenty of chances to score for both teams. Eden Hazard opened the scoring with a 30 yard shot ten minutes before half time and the crowd went wild.

I launched out my seat jumping up and down as I felt myself being pulled into an embrace.

My secret crush had grabbed me tightly and was jumping up and down with me. He planted a quick kiss on my lips then let me go and turned to hug his brother.

My heart was racing, the electricity from his touch running down my spine, my lips tingling from the kiss. I sat back down in my seat with one question running through my head. What just happened?

The rest of the half was a blur. All I could think of was the kiss.

At half time the boys went to the kiosk for a drink and I went to the toilet to splash my face with water.

I had to stop thinking about the kiss. It meant nothing. He is engaged. It was just a reaction to the goal.

We filed back to our seats and I ended up sitting between my secret crush and his brother. My legs were trapped against theirs, the heat radiating from their bodies, the kiss still fresh in my mind and suddenly the football was the last thing on my mind.

I began to drift into a day dream. The match has just ended, we are leaving the ground and in a moment of madness, I link arms with my secret crush and his brother and pull them in the direction of the disabled toilets.

Inside the brother locks the door behind us, my secret crush grabbing my tightly and ramming his tongue in my mouth.

The brother’s hands reach around my waist, unzipping my jeans and pulling them down, sliding his hands into my pants and pressing his cock against me.

My secret crush un-zips my coat and takes it off, then lifts my Chelsea shirt to reveal a navy blue lace bra. He hungrily sucks on my nipples as I begin to feel his arousal pressing against me.

I moan at the sensation of constant touch and the warmth of the bodies all around me. I try to step back, to free myself. I want to be in control.

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In the short time 5 of the Naughty Nine stories were on Literotica they were read over 52,000 times before being updated and added to the anthology.

If you enjoyed that then you can download the Anthology here:

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