Naughty Nine Anthology Excerpts Day 8…

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

Sorry its a bit late, but better late than never! Today’s excerpt comes from The Receptionist:

Oh that silky voice. The way Olivier rolls his r’s, and that accent just makes me weak. I sit here listening to him talking about radiators and leaking faucets but I could listen for hours.

I’ve already deleted this report once so I can indulge in his voice and now I’m behind on the day’s work and will probably have to stay late to catch up.

I close my eyes, being able to touch type is a blessing. I listen to him talking and picture us somewhere far away from here enjoying our time alone, whilst in reality I’m typing his report and no one will be any the wiser.

Instead of radiators he is telling me how nice my dress is and how he enjoys the way it clings to my curves. He places his hand on my lower back as he presses for the lift and follows me in as it arrives.

He offers to take me to the latest trendy bar everyone is talking about. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those places but they’re too pricey for my mates.

We’d find a quiet booth at the back so we can talk and he buys me a drink and dinner where I get to choose whatever I want with no limitations.

I cross my legs under the desk and enjoy the pulsating feeling deep inside me as the crotch of my panties begins to get wet.

I breathe deeply, imaging the feel of his short fat fingers gliding up my thigh, leaning in and saying we should head to the hotel upstairs because he can’t wait to taste me any longer.

Now where was I, bloody phone? I was just starting to daydream about Sarah. I just got hard and someone chose that bloody moment to discuss an extension on a report they have had weeks to complete. Not a chance.

I close my eyes again and picture Sarah sitting across from me, crossing her legs and flashing me that sweet view.

I focus hard on the contours of her breasts. How I would love to taste them and lick the sweat from her shaking body as I bury myself inside her and she moans in my ear, begging me to taste her again.

The hardness comes back and I rub the front of my trousers, slowly pulling down the zip so I can feel inside.

I never take it out of my boxers, never touch my bare skin; I can’t touch her bare skin so I won’t touch my own.

The delicious thought of our bare skin touching and of me being denied the taste of her is enough to bring me close.

I take my hand away and watch her. She is sitting with her eyes closed typing once more, a gentle expression on her face.

Lost in the dictation as she types away, I imagine she is typing my words, looking like that with my voice in her head.

The images flash through my mind of the things I want to make her do to me, the way I want her to touch me, the way I want to control her.

Olivier leads me upstairs to the hotel room, he closes the door behind us and immediately unzips my dress, sliding his hands inside and exploring my body.

I lean back to kiss him, pressing my hips into his groin as he slides his hand into my wetness.

I ache for him now, sitting at my desk, legs crossed, I want to feel his hands on my breasts. Oh how they ache for his touch.

My panties are soaked with anticipation. I need to do something to release the tension. I leave my desk and head for the toilets locking myself in a cubicle and pulling down my panties.

I’m bare now; I raise my skirt and slide my fingers into my wetness, rubbing my breasts through my dress, making my nipples erect and sensitive to the touch of the silky bra cups that hold them.

I close my eyes once more as Olivier leans me forward onto the bed unzipping his trousers and entering me roughly, our bodies rocking together in a frantic rhythm of unbridled passion and the intoxication of alcohol.

This is what I wanted from the moment I first saw him. I wanted to be his.

He pulls out, tearing my dress off and throwing it across the room, pushing me onto the bed and pulling open my legs, wrapping them around his body as he pulls me roughly towards him and buries himself inside me once more. This time he doesn’t move and I pulse around him, feeling him inside me.

He pulls the cups down on my bra, licking my erect nipples and sucking them as he begins to move inside me once more.

In the short time 5 of the Naughty Nine stories were on Literotica they were read over 52,000 times before being updated and added to the anthology.

If you enjoyed that then you can download the Anthology here:

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It’s $.99 at Smashwords until 25/9/14 as an introductory offer and will then return to its normal price of $1.99. Cheap for 9 hot stories guaranteed to get you hot and bothered!

Don’t forget to leave a review with at the place you purchase or on Goodreads.

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