Naughty Nine Anthology Excerpts Day 7…

Naughty nine Anthology (2)Today’s excerpt comes from The Dirty Little Secret:

She traces her fingers lightly across the scratch marks on his back, so deep there is a spot of dry blood and his skin is under her finger nails.

She always enjoyed the feel of his warm, soft skin against hers, her fingers lightly brushing across it, finally resting on his arm.

She closes her eyes and there he was hours earlier, shouting at her in the kitchen.

He had been angry that she hadn’t answered his calls the night before when she was out with friends.

She shouted at him that she had a life outside of their relationship and that he didn’t own her.

As his anger built at her challenging words he strode across the kitchen with a face like thunder and slipped on some split wine as she smiled in reflex.

At first he raised his hand to her, but then he smiled too. The tension dispersed as they both began to laugh.

His face changed as if he saw who he was talking to and remembered that he hadn’t come here to fight.

He closed the distance between them and grabbed her, lifting her onto the kitchen side. Urgently biting at her lips and roughly pulling the clothes from her to reveal her sweet pale skin.

Her hand grabbed the waist band of his trousers, desperately trying to reach inside for his growing erection.

He moaned into her neck as he bit down at the feel of her hands on him.

“Good boy” she whispered as she reached inside his pants and took a firm hold of his cock.

She began to stroke her hand hard up and down his semi erect shaft as he pulled back.

He lifted her skirt, grabbed her thong and roughly ripped it off her before pushing her down onto the counter and pulling her legs tighter around him. She moaned at his roughness as he entered her hard and began to pound against her.

He reached out and grabbed her hands in his, pulling them up over her head and holding them there as he licked across her nipples through the lace of her bra. She moaned and began to wriggle at his touch.

She tried to move, to turn and instinctively he knew what she needed.

He stepped back letting her down from the side and she turned and leaned over the cabinet in front of him, her bare arse invitingly outstretched.

He smacked her hard once and grabbed her waist as he lifted her up and began pounding into her again.

He undid her bra and roughly pulled it free, his hands immediately replacing the lace cups as he tugged her nipples.

Her moaning increased as the begging began, ‘harder’, ‘faster’, ‘don’t stop’.

He pulled her hair back and met her mouth, biting on her lips and playing with her tongue.

In the short time 5 of the Naughty Nine stories were on Literotica they were read over 52,000 times before being updated and added to the anthology.

If you enjoyed that then you can download the Anthology here:

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It’s $.99 at Smashwords until 25/9/14 as an introductory offer and will then return to its normal price of $1.99. Cheap for 9 hot stories guaranteed to get you hot and bothered!

Don’t forget to leave a review with at the place you purchase or on Goodreads.

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