Naughty Nine Anthology Excerpts Day Six

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

Today’s excerpt comes from  The Office:

He stepped back and I heard him unzip his trousers and push me down into the desk, holding me there as he rammed into me hard.

The pressure of being forced into the cold hard desk with my nipples rubbing against it and the pounding of his cock inside me was exciting.

He started shouting “Take my hard cock you fucking slut” and my knees went weak.

All I could do was moan, I hadn’t been that turned on in a long time and I didn’t want it to end.

He pulled out and ordered me to “turn round.” I was confused, my mind a whirr. I turned to see his hard cock glistening with my juices.

He looked at me and said “Get on your knees and suck me like a whore.”

I got on my knees and started to lick the head of his cock, tasting myself on him. He pulled my hair hard and said “I said suck, not lick” as he rammed his cock into my mouth making me gag.

He kept riding my face, going deeper and deeper, pulling my hair and I began to cry and moan. It was so painful but I couldn’t stop him.

Just as I thought he was going to cum and it would be over he let go of my hair and stepped back. “Good girl, stand up.”

“I think I’ve had enough now Dan.” But his hand went across my mouth.

“You’ve had enough when I tell you you’ve had enough. You’ve been playing me all night and now you are going to find out what games I like to play.”

He pulled my leg up over his arm, lifting me off the floor and pressed my back into the pillar by the water cooler.

He rammed into me hard but didn’t move. Holding my leg uncomfortably high, he began biting my nipples hard and sucking my skin leaving marks.

It was so uncomfortable with his semi hard cock inside me and the pain of being bitten.

“Please stop, I want to go home.” I sniffled but he wouldn’t listen.

“I’ve been very nice to you, now it’s your turn to be nice to me. I want you to be my little whore and make me cum, if you don’t you won’t like what happens next. Now be a good little whore and make me hard.”

I started to move to try and get him aroused but it was too uncomfortable. I needed to get him off me and get out of here.

“Please, it was very nice but you’re hurting me now. I just want to go home.”

He let go of my leg and set me down

“In that case off you go then.”

He pulled out and stepped back giving me room. But as I turned to leave he grabbed me again. This time pushing me onto the desk and standing in between my legs.

“Is this better for you? Can you be a good girl now?”

There was only one way out of it, I had to give him what he wants.

“If you are nice to me, I can give you what you want. We started out being nice to each other. I was enjoying that. If you can be nice then we can have some fun and neither of us will be disappointed. What do you think?” I try to smile.

“I’m sorry, I got carried away. You don’t have to do this. I haven’t had sex in a while so I’ve been watching a lot of porn. I got carried away.” He pulls up his trousers and redresses but I begin to feel sorry for him.

“Look it’s ok, I wasn’t lying when I said I enjoyed the beginning. I like things a little rough. I don’t even mind the name calling but I don’t like being forced. So if you want we can try again, but no more forcing me.” I begin to find my clothes and pull my bra on as I talk to him, trying to calm the situation. I still have to work with the guy after this.

“Do you really mean that? You’re not just saying it? You really would do it again?” He says as he finishes doing up his shirt.

I sit on the edge of the desk having just straightened my skirt, my thong still round my ankles.

“Well that all depends on whether you can lighten the mood. It all got a bit heavy. I could be persuaded to do it again, if you can be on your best behaviour.”

In the short time 5 of the Naughty Nine stories were on Literotica they were read over 52,000 times before being updated and added to the anthology.

If you enjoyed that then you can download the Anthology here:

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