Naughty Nine Excerpts Day Three…

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

Today’s excerpt comes from The Firemen part of the Naughty Nine Anthology:

He pulls me off the counter and turns me round, pulling my hips towards him as he thrusts hard into me, holding me down against the cold counter.

“Take that you whore” he grunts thrusting into me.

I turn and watch his friend rubbing himself again, the guy behind me senses I’m watching so he leans in and whispers in my ear “Do you want to suck him like a good little whore?”

“Yes.” I breathe.

He pulls out of me and his friend comes closer ramming his hard cock into my mouth as the guy begins pounding me from behind again. The fullness of him pounding my pussy is contrast to the smaller cock in my mouth but I’m more than satisfied.

I love the sensation of the two men building their rhythms inside me, jerking me around. I feel my knees getting weak, my arousal building in time with theirs. They both pull out of me as warm salty cum flies onto my face, back and arse at the same time.

I watch it dribbling down my face onto my chest, mingling with the trails of my spit and feel it sliding down my back and legs; I am one big satisfied, sticky, sweaty mess.

“Well, you’re a good little whore aren’t you?” The first guy says as he slaps my arse. “Look at you covered in cum like that. You look so good I want to fuck you again. Would you like that?”

I turn to face him and mumble “Yes, please”.

He smiles at me and sits down on the dining room chair, patting his thighs. “Come here.” He orders.

As I do he takes my hand and pulls me over his knees, I can feel his cock digging into me as he is getting aroused. He begins circling my arse with his big hands, sliding his fingers into my pussy and arse hole before bringing his hand back and slapping it. I jolt and I feel his arousal hardening.

“Harder.” I plead as he slaps me again.

I wonder where the other guy went but then I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I feel him reach down and unclip my bra, roughly pulling it off me and grabbing at my hanging breasts.

“I think she likes that Dave, look at how wet she is.” I can feel the wetness and cum on my legs, I’m so aroused I begin to move my hips trying to get my orgasm. “Naughty girl” slap “not yet.”

“Please, I can’t take it anymore.” I beg.

Dave, the previously standing fireman sits on the chair next to us, his pants round his ankles and his hard cock standing to attention, veins throbbing.

“Come on Sam, she can take turns, me first.” Dave says as Sam lets me go.

I stand up and sit on Dave’s lap, trapping his cock in between us and grinding my hips against it.

“Good girl.” He lifts me up and slides into me, he doesn’t fill me like Dave but he knows what he is doing. I wrap my legs tightly round him, bouncing up and down as he licks against my nipples.

I turn to see Sam watching and playing with his erect cock.

“My turn Dave.” Sam says as Dave lifts me off him slapping my arse as I go over to straddle Sam.

“Turn around” he orders “I like watching that arse swallowing my cock.”

I sit facing Dave as Sam slides into me and I lower myself as far as I can. He leans me forward so he can watch and slides a hand down in between my legs to rub my clit as I bounce on him, his hand reaching round to pull hard on my nipple.

Dave takes out his phone and begins to film me bouncing up and down on Sam’s cock. “Mate, this looks so good. My turn, film it for me will you?”

This time instead of sitting in his lap I climb onto the table kneeling with my arse towards the edge.

“Look at you, good girl.” Sam says as he slaps my arse and pulls my hips towards him, sliding his cock into me.

If you enjoyed that then you can download the Anthology here:

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Don’t forget to leave a review with at the place you purchase or on Goodreads.

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