Naughty Nine Anthology Excerpts Day Two…

Naughty nine Anthology (2)

Todays excerpt comes from Movie Night

For the first time I got to see the body that he hid from me, toned in all the right places, his tanned skin looking beautiful under the soft lighting.

I was surprised at how hairy his chest was. At the sight of the hair my hands buried themselves in it as I kissed him hard on the lips.

His hand reached for the zip in my skirt and he dropped it to the floor holding my hand as I stepped out of it.

“You are so much more beautiful than I ever imagined.” He said as he traced his fingers over my breasts.

“You’re not bad yourself.” I said as I rubbed the front of his tracksuit bottoms, feeling his erection grow.

He pulled the cup of my bra down to reveal my plump nipple, taking it into his mouth, biting down and flicking it with his tongue, sending shock waves through my body. I was alive with sensations long forgotten.

I wanted him and held his head down as I buried my hand in his hair. His hair was so soft even though he had something in it to hold the style. I wrapped it around my fingers and tugged on it, anything to touch him.

He began to nibble little kisses down my body as he knelt in front of me looking up at me with those big blue eyes, making me a wet mess of arousal.

He traced one finger from my knee up my thigh then the same on the other side before reaching his hands around, grabbing my thighs from behind and pulling me towards him. I nearly stumbled but he caught me.

He buried his head in my thighs, barely touching my skin with his outstretched tongue; the sensation was so erotic I could barely stand.

“Lean on my shoulders.” He said as he pulled me closer and buried his hot mouth into my wet crotch.

He breathed warm air onto me and licked all along the crotch of my now soaked panties. He reached up gliding the top of my panties down slowly, revealing the strip of hair I keep functionally tidy.

I saw him smile as he began to lick my bare skin, flicking my bunched panties against my wet pussy and pressing into me with his thumbs, the sensation was incredible.

Then he pulled the panties down and pulled me onto his face, his tongue going deep inside me as I moaned. His hands were sliding up my lower back and down onto my bare arse.

He grabbed the soft flesh of my rounded arse, digging his fingers into me and slapping my skin making me jolt.

I melted into him, moaning in satisfaction as wave after wave of sensation built to my climax.

I rocked my hips against his mouth, the warmth of him, the roughness of his stubble, the feel of his lips sucking my skin, his long tongue exploring inside me.

To take me over the line he sucked on my clit and flicked it with his tongue and I screamed his name in ecstasy.

I’d never felt a sensation as strong. I never wanted it to end. I fell onto the floor next to him, my legs weak as he leaned on his side next to me smiling.

I kissed his lips, tasting myself on them and he smiled.

He traced my body with his fingers, my bra cup still pulled down, my breast awkwardly sticking out while I traced the outline of his impressive abs.

He had fat nipples and I couldn’t stop myself from sucking and biting them. He laughed and said no one had ever done that before, as I slid my hand inside his tracksuit bottoms.

I was surprised he wasn’t wearing any boxers. I’d imagined what his cock would be like, long or short, fat or thin, straight or bent or maybe somewhere in between. I felt the outline as I kissed him but wanted to see for myself.

I pulled back and slid his tracksuit bottoms down slowly, revealing more of his deep ‘V’ and the treasure trail of hair leading me to my prize. His eyes followed me as I slid his trousers lower to get my first look at his hidden secret.

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