Naughty Nine Anthology Excerpts Day One…

Naughty nine Anthology (2)Todays excerpt comes from The Teacher and the Pupil:

I glance at him over the top of my glasses and his boyish smirk makes me smile. I glance down and see his trousers beginning to strain.

Trying not to smile I say. “I think I can be of some assistance.”

I slide across the desk so I am leaning in between his legs, take off my glasses and place them on the table beside me. “Now let’s see if I remember this right.”

I lean forward so he can see down my shirt as I slowly brush my hand over the tightening in his trousers, his eyes burning into mine, the desire between us building.

I slide down the zip of his trousers and undo the button, releasing some of the tension.

He reaches a hand up into my hair, pulling my mouth down onto his and kissing me hard, sliding his tongue in my mouth and biting my lip.

I can feel my thong getting wet, my body aching for him. His free hand reaches round, stroking and grabbing at my arse.

I lean back and smile then look down at his obvious arousal. I kneel in between his legs and slide his trousers down, his eyes staring constantly at me, one hand playing with my hair.

I glance up and hold his stare; I want to see his face as I slide his tight white boxers down releasing his impressive erection. He smiles, his eyes glistening as I slide the boxers back up.

This time I want to see it. I want to see how his erection bursts free of his boxers, ready to pleasure me. Slowly I slide the elastic down and watch as his erection bounces free, standing to attention just for me.

I pull my shirt out of my skirt, unbutton it slowly and take it off revealing my lace bra and ample assets.

He moans “Wow, I can’t wait to play with them.”

I grab hold of his erection “But first I need to help you with this.” I maintain eye contact as slowly I run my tongue up and down his long thick shaft, gently flicking the head as he moans contentedly.

He reaches into my hair and pulls me towards him as I take as much as I can in my mouth, allowing his cock to rest on my tongue.

“Good girl” he says as slowly I slide him in and out of my mouth, holding the base of his cock in one hand and massaging his balls slowly with the other.

I listen to the changing in his breathing, watch his facial expressions and feel his grip on my head tightening as I alternate between licking and sucking on his cock.

He’s getting close I can feel it, “I’m gonna cum” he let’s go of my head but I don’t pull away. I take him deeper, as far as I can; I want to taste my prize.

I suck harder and faster, squeezing at the base of his cock as he moans “Shit, shit I’m gonna cccuummm.”

I feel the warm salty liquid shoot out into my mouth and swallow deeply, maintaining his eye contact. “Good girl.” He says as he takes my hands and guides me up off the floor.

I’m standing in between his legs as he slides his hands round the back of my skirt and undoes the zip letting it fall to the floor.

“Mmmmm look at you, my gorgeous girl, your turn.” I blush.

He pushes me back onto the desk, sliding his hands up my legs before kneeling down in between them and pushing them wide open. He rubs his finger across my nipples making them hard at his touch.

Planting little kisses all down my tummy, he strokes my thighs gently with his thumbs, kissing lower past my belly button and into the lace front of the thong.

He slides it to one side and begins to lick me tasting my wetness. He looks up and smiles “It seems you are a little bit excited.”

I blush as his hands reach up to tease my aching breasts his tongue licking against me. All too quickly I feel the sensation building. My moans get deeper and louder as I lean back trying to catch my breath but I can’t control it any longer and cum whilst his tongue is inside me.

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