Articles From My Inbox

I haven’t done this for a little while so I thought I’d have a look and see what Men’s Health have emailed lately and share a few good articles!

12 Ways To Have The Sex She Craves

We want to feel like your interested in us and have the ability to make us feel at ease, so be cute and funny and ask questions, listen to the answer and you’ll increase the chances of getting our number!

5 Flirting Fails

Ok a serious one here, it’s important to be a man and check yourself out. Make sure you stay healthy and keep a track of the changes to your body and if something isn’t right it’s always best to ask the doctor to look at it, they won’t laugh at you and they probably will have seen it before!

Weird sign of skin cancer

8 Ways To Protect Your Erection

Yeah messages that just say Hey or an emoticon are pretty annoying. I know guys hate talking but put in some effort and you’ll reap the rewards, don’t make us do all the conversation work.

5 Texts You Should Never Send

I’m not sure I agree with this, but then maybe it’s just me. I have a bit more faith that if I was in a relationship and he brought a girl a drink or complimented her haircut it wouldn’t mean they were having an affair, he could just be a nice guy. Yes of course it happens but I wouldn’t assume that would be the case.

I have male friends and I flirt with them or I’d buy them a drink and tell them I like their hair or new shirt but it doesn’t mean I would cheat on my partner. It is possible for men and women to be friends and a good partner will accept those friendships.

These sorts of articles don’t exactly help women’s issues with relationships if you read every time you see your partner make a compliment to another woman they are having an affair, because women do read a lot of magazine articles to find the answers to the problems in their life.

Are you secretly cheating?

10 Things To Say To Get Her Naked

10 Penis Facts

16 Ways To Touch Her Vagina

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