Watching Football With Friends

I posted my first book on Smashwords today, it will be coming to other online retailers soon.

Watching Football With Friends

Jen wakes up to an invitation text from Oliver asking her to bring beer and pizza to his house that night to watch the football match. She is excited about catching up with her friend and seeing in the start of the new football season.

Lying on the sofa together watching the match, drinking cold beer, eating pizza and catching up with a friend, what could be better than that?

She could never have known how the night would end or that they were about to begin a sexual journey that would make them both challenge their feelings for each other. Will they take the chance to make things work between them or will it ruin their friendship forever?

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Here’s a little taster segment:

We eat the pizza quickly; watch the last of the pre-game build up and the teams warming up on the pitch. We talk animatedly about the team line up, new signings and our hopes for the season ahead, before settling in for the start of the match.

Oliver starts singing football songs to build the atmosphere and I join in, both of us standing to clap the players onto the pitch from the tunnel. We sit down as the whistle blows and shout ‘Come on the Chels!’ at the TV.

About 15 minutes in the floor begins to get uncomfortable and I start fidgeting. “Oi fidget bum, come and sit up here with me. The sofa is nice and comfy.” Oliver says patting the space next to him as he’s laid out on the sofa.

We’ve never snuggled together before but I’m comfortable around him so I don’t think twice. He pulls a spare cushion out from under his legs so I can rest my head and gently rests his hand on my hip as we continue to watch the match.

He was right; it was much more comfortable than sitting on the hard floor.

Both of us are jumping around, shouting at the TV and getting animated by the refereeing decisions and football action when I noticed Oliver had become aroused. I could feel he was trying to lean back from me but I couldn’t resist maintaining the contact between us.

I moved my hips back to make contact with him as he slid his hand under my shirt, pulling the bra strap off my shoulder and down my arm. Neither of us said a word, we continued to be focussed on the football as he slid my shirt up over my breast and pulled it out of my bra cup revealing my rather large asset and plump nipple.

“Fuck you have perfect nipples.” He said looking down as there was a break in play.

He poured cold beer onto my breast and licked it off, sucking hard on my nipple. The sensation of the cold beer, his warm breath and the wetness of his mouth arouses me beyond belief and I began to grind my hips against his erection.

Play resumes and he continues to watch the football. This time sliding his hands in between my legs and rubbing against my groin as I began to moan.

“That’s it; if you’re going to moan like that you leave me no choice.” He says roughly pulling my jeans down to reveal my lucky blue lace thong. “Fuck that arse is amazing.” He says slapping my bare cheek and making me squeal and jump as I feel him moving behind me.

In one motion he pulls aside my thong and thrusts inside me filling me up with his impressive cock.

I moan in delight as he thrusts deeply but slowly into me as we watch the football. As the momentum builds on the pitch so does his. His hands playing with my breasts or rubbing against my clit, our focus on the football and shouting at the TV.

I am in heaven. Beer, football, pizza and sex with a friend, what’s not to like?

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