Articles From My Inbox

I’ve had another look at the Men’s Health promo articles in my Inbox so I’d thought I’d share a few that sounded interesting.

A couple of these made me wince and I can confirm Googling ‘invaginated penis’ will cause you to bring up your lunch!

10 Worst Penis Problems

Yeah probably don’t try to insert things into the shaft of your penis!

Masturbation Mistakes

Who doesn’t want to be better at sex?!

Exercises That Make Sex Better

Who doesn’t want more people to like them?!

Make People Like You

Yeah if you can find someone to connect over music that is a pretty special bond. I had a conversation with a guy once about sharing my ITunes, it would have to be someone I trusted completely that got to see my songs. Its such a personal thing to share!

Sex and Music

Yeah this is about right although personally I look at a guys eyes first, then his smile, then his arms,  chest and legs. The rest I like to leave to surprise!

How She Checks You Out

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