My Post About Building a Social Media Presence

Yesterday I wrote a post about building a social media presence and I advertised it on Twitter and to illustrate how good a contact that can be I thought I would do an update.

The original post is here: Building A Social Media Presence

The post has been read 9 times on here and liked twice in one day. I wasn’t expecting many likes as this is a blog for erotic writing and not business and that’s fair enough, I’m happy that people read it at all. If it helps one person to try something they hadn’t thought of it will be a success to me.

The post was retweeted 9 times on Twitter in a day by various people after Social Media was trending in my area and I reposted it with #SocialMedia and #SocialMediaMarketing hashtags.

It was also included in an online paper called Social Media Vision: Social Media Vision way down the bottom but it’s still there! I have no idea the circulation of the paper but they have 428 followers on Twitter. That to me is 428 people I wouldn’t normally have reached.

The internet is about making the most of the chances you have been given when they come. That is what this blog is all about for me. I was asked to produce more stories after I won the You… Only Wetter short story competition so I jumped at the chance to write more.

I created this blog to showcase my writing and now I have Twitter, Facebook, Literotica, Google+ and LinkedIn with thousands of people reading my work.

I made the most of a chance that fate, a couple of particularly special friends, quitting my job in search of a new experience and an over active imagination gave me.

Someone reminded me recently that the things you dream of having in life can become a reality if you stop ignoring them and start working towards them. They saw the real me under all the layers I put up to hide myself and made me remember who that person is after I spent years letting myself forget.

Where I am now was a dream I had 5 years ago but somewhere along the line I forgot that to make it work I would need to give it my all. It isn’t something I will be forgetting again. Nor will I forget the role my friends played in making it happen, even if for some of them it all became too much.

Never give up on your dreams, keep taking steps towards them, no matter how small and in the end they can all be yours.

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