Men’s Health

Seeing as the emails keep randomly appearing in my inbox I thought I would have another look at the gems of wisdom on offer and share my thoughts on a few interesting articles!

Ok, every guy should buy his girl sexy lingerie at least once in their relationship and not just because it’s her birthday. Consider first the type of girl she is, don’t pick something overly slutty if she won’t feel comfortable in it. Pick the right lingerie and you’ll reap all the benefits!

I don’t agree with the asking her part, we like surprises! If you’re stuck on the size or need help with the styles she likes to wear then look in her underwear drawer, it holds all the answers!

Buy Her the Sexiest Lingerie

Not sure I agree with all of this. As for saying “I’m fine” us girls have this weird thing sometimes even we can’t explain. We just don’t feel like talking and people keep asking if you’re ‘ok’ when you can’t explain why you’re not is just plain annoying. Sometimes “I’m fine” really does just mean I don’t want to talk about it cause I don’t understand how I’m feeling myself.

Sometimes it means you did something stupid and she’s really mad at you but you have to learn to read her to figure it out!

I personally don’t know any women who lied about liking sports on a long term basis to placate a relationship. If you don’t like sports then being around someone who constantly watches sport will always be annoying.

Substitute the idea of watching sports every Saturday for being dragged shopping every Saturday afternoon and you see the point!

6 Lies She’s Been Telling You Since You Met

Well do you?

Do You Masturbate Too Much?

Not a bad survey response! 😉

How to Handle Her Breasts

Tattooed condoms, interesting! 😉

The Best New Condoms for Your Pleasure

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