Writing Erotic Fiction

When I branched out of writing straight fiction into writing erotic fiction it was purely by chance. I had some fantasies that I wanted to explore but I wasn’t confident enough to ask for or discuss them with anyone so I tried to write about them instead.

This was fun. A friend suggested entering a competition and for the hell of it I gave it a go. Much to my surprise I won and unlocked a naughty side to my brain that likes to sit and write kinky fantasies all day.

I thought it might be a bragging point for any guys who were lucky enough to get to spend time with me. I have one hell of an imagination when it comes to bedroom activities. I’ve been complimented on how much of a turn on that is.

That was until another writer pointed out to me that guys get intimidated by successful women who are capable of writing erotica. Not what I wanted to hear!

In all fiction there is a little bit of fact and a lot of imagination and rather than seeing it as a bad thing you should be flattered you inspire someone to have such erotic desires for you.

But it’s also fair to say you might not be inspiring them as much as you think you are.

Just to be clear when I write I’m not picturing any one person in particular. I see the characters in my head and feel their actions.

I see snatches of features and movement like a film playing in my head but they are never all one person. I might see a pair of eyes I’ve been attracted to or hear a voice I know or imagine what someone I know would say or do in that position but I’m not imagining 2 (or more) specific people.

I try to keep the specific physical characteristics down in my stories for that reason. Everyone likes different types of people and what turns me on may not turn the next person on. Not everyone likes to see their partner wearing their cum, some people like to bury it deep inside you.

The more I explore the BDSM world the more I learn about different fantasies. Whilst a lot of them are not to my taste and outstretch my imagination I do try to be as varied in my writing as I can. I don’t want to keep writing the same thing in different settings.

Stories often come to me in the most mundane places. Something happens and it sparks an idea. A conversation becomes a starting point and bits spring off into other areas.

It’s the same with my straight writing. Only with erotic fiction I guess there is the personal element of it to consider.

I don’t mind people thinking I’m the star of the show, in some respects I have been the whole time. The story played out in my head a few different ways before you ever got to see it.

But it dawned on me yesterday when reading my erotic fiction writers course that other people might not share my passion for print.

I always try to mix people up so they can’t see themself in my writing. I always have, but I maybe sometimes I don’t cut the line fine enough and maybe that makes people uncomfortable when they see themselves in erotic characters. If that’s the case I apologise it wasn’t my intention.

I thought your mates guessing what part is fiction and what part you were lucky enough to experience as fact down the pub when you told them what your girl did in her spare time would be a turn on for guys. You all love to talk about sex.

Women do too, although my personal exploits I like to keep hidden. I would never recreate an exact sexual experience I actually had for others to read. I respect and treasure my own experiences that way.

That’s not to say the way things make me feel, how I think and things I’ve done and want to do aren’t featuring my writing. They are just mixed in with other things too.

It’s up to you to decide what you think is real and what is pure fantasy 😉 a lady never tells.

It’s funny when I read the writing course I keep getting interrupted by ideas for chapters of the erotic fiction novel I plan on working on. I’m not sure that was the desired effect of the course.

I got lots of nice pages of notes out of my study time yesterday and writers cramp, surprising how quickly you get cramp writing with a pen after spending so long typing. But there is something nice about running with an idea and seeing it on paper, rather than always seeing it developing on a screen.

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