Hotel Rooms

I’m having a little adventure with friends visiting World War 1 Battlegrounds. So far its been a lot of driving interspersed with viewing masses and masses of graves and the odd museum.

Last night was a stop over in Belgium, we checked into our hotel and my friend bagged the refurbished room leaving me with the room on the second floor. I have to say I’m glad she did. My room was the most romantic room I have ever seen.

It had a huge bed, wooden panelling on the walls and when I pulled back the curtain my view was the cathedral tower from across the street. The bathroom was dark stone and although tiny it had a spa bath. It was ideal for a bit of kinky fun and I was all alone 😦

I wanted to call up and old friend and have some fun but the call would have gone unanswered. So instead I took out my laptop and wrote the kink I wanted to experience.

Tonight we are in France and this hotel is a bit different. Its nice, functional but not romantic. The bed is big enough but hard not like the nice comfy one I had last night. So I don’t feel so naughty.

It’s a shame there isn’t a guy here with me, my back is shot from sitting in a car for two days and I could really use a nice hard massage by some big hands. Seeing as I’m not a selfish person I would be willing to offer something nice in payment! 😉

Oh well, at least I have my laptop and my imagination. I can conjure up a hot masseur to take care of my back. Now where did I pack those painkillers?

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