Fetlife and Me

A friend of mine introduced me to Fetlife a few months back and at the beginning I wasn’t sure it was a place for me.

I was just starting to get to know a guy at the time and exploring my desires which up to that point I hadn’t really considered.

Fet taught me a lot about what the kinky people in the world get up to and I love it. I go on almost every day to see what’s Kinky & Popular. Although most of it seems to be pictures of naked girls which isn’t personally my thing, we need more cute guys on K&P!

I do enjoy the sexy lingerie photos, I have a thing for it and the way it makes you feel when you wear it something I planned to share with the guy 😉

I met some nice people to talk as well. People who are happy to discuss their interests with you as long as you are respectful. I think you’ll find all taste catered for!

It can be good fun too, like the guy who wanted me to wear a nappy for him. I ended up having a conversation I never thought I would with another adult, but it was fun, surprisingly.

What Fet and my friend have taught me is that relationships can be complicated but if the people involved are consenting and happy with what goes on there is nothing wrong with it.

There is nothing wrong with having desires, even those that aren’t your regular run of the mill kind. As long as you aren’t forcing someone against their will and you are comfortable, and protect yourself then go for it.

I’m not a judgmental person, I might not understand your life choices and they may not be for me but if they make you happy then that’s all that matters.

The friend who introduced me to Fet is exploring her kink side. She talks about it openly with me, I can ask her anything and she’ll give me a straight answer.

She tells me what she enjoys and advises me what to try. I love her for it. She’s my very own sex expert. Trust me everyone should have one!

Let’s face it sex education tells you very little about what to expect. I never had the sex talk with my parents. The closest I came was my Dad telling me when I was 14 that it was natural to experiment with alcohol, drugs and sex but he would kill me if I got pregnant. I wanted to die.

I’ve watched the odd porn video but you don’t learn much from that other than how to fake it. Although I won’t lie, I have seen some stuff I’d like to try!

Let’s be adults here for a minute guys and girls if you’re faking it then one or both of you is doing something wrong. If you’re both into it there is no need to fake it.

Ok there might be the odd occasion when faking it is necessary but by and large, if it’s not happening try something different! There is no shortage of options with a willing participant 😉

Life is too short to settle for long-term bad sex!

There are a lot of things I’ve become curious about since cruising on Fet. Some of which I will experience one day I’m sure. If I ever find a guy to put up with me long enough 🙂

Fet taught me to love my relationships for their uniqueness. I appreciate the people in my life a lot more now and my friend has seen a change in me. The guy I was exploring my desires with was a big part of that.

I loved our unique friendship. It meant a lot to me. I’ve always valued personality over looks, the sexiest thing a guy can do is make me laugh and challenge me without being a dick head about it. I like to learn new things, he taught me a lot.

I’ve never been instantly physically attracted to a guy, which is why I’ve never had a one night stand. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it just takes me longer to want to get to that place with someone.

I found someone who was a good friend, who I trusted to be honest and open with me, it allowed me to be open and free and in that way I considered our friendship to be special. The way I saw it as long as we talked and were honest that friendship could be anything we wanted it to be.

I wanted to be a grown up, share parts of each others lives, maybe have sex or ‘sext’ if we felt like it without things getting weird or needing a lasting commitment but mostly I just wanted us to be friends and have fun together.

I wanted to have shared experiences that we could look back on and laugh about. I wanted to share football matches with the guy because we support the same team and I always loved the way he talked about football.

As it turns out it was all one-sided, he didn’t think we were friends. Which is a shame because I really cared about him but it’s his loss and my hurt.

He was a muse for my kinky thoughts. No one ever turned me on like him, I loved being his naughty girl. I was good at it, you’ve read my stories, I have an actively naughty imagination 😉

Since I had to stop thinking of him in that way my kinky side doesn’t get me going anymore. I’ll find a new muse soon I’m sure.

The world is full of cute girls, younger and more sexually adventurous than me for him to explore. I wish him well, all I ever wanted was for him to be happy, even if I’m not a part of that happiness.

I doubt I’ll ever find someone who will make me feel the way he did. I don’t do replacement. I value people for who they are and what they bring to my life.

In that respect I lost a lot, our friendship wasn’t perfect, nothing is. I’m certainly not perfect, even though I’ve been told I come pretty close!

I don’t want perfection, I like things a little messy. Messy makes life fun.

So now you know I’m a real person. I’m just as messed up as everyone else. I have a naughty side and a nice side and best believe if I’m in your corner I’m there no matter what.Because to me being a good friend is the most important thing you can be for someone.


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