Some people just won’t ‘get’ you – and that’s okay.

Something I have a hard time dealing with, people always seem to read me wrong.


In our lives, we are often aware of many universal truths, but it is only as we grow older that we begin to truly understand what they mean. For example, a five year old knows literally that “money can’t buy happiness”, whilst an eighteen year old knows that money can buy an iPhone. However, a twenty five year old knows that money will buy them rent, but that there is no price that makes Kyle Sandilands an appealing romantic companion.

One of the universal truths that we really begin to rediscover in our twenties is, “Not everyone will like you.” In our early teens, we understand this as a fairly obvious fact (whilst secretly hoping it can be overcome by feigning an interest in sports). However, it is when we reach our twenties that this phrase begins to morph and carry a much deeper meaning.

As we grow older, we unconsciously develop…

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