How to tease him with your tongue

Some good tips here!


Image 5Tonguetastic tips to tantalize and tease your partner into submission! Learn how to use your tongue to communicate with your partner – by giving him pleasure first.

 How Most Girls Use Their Tongues…

I have spoken to a small number of my male friends to find out about their sexy, tonguetastic experiences with women, but I was very disappointed to discover that women are letting the side down!

 I have discovered that the majority of women in relationships are abusing what is often described as the strongest muscle in the human body by wagging it in the wrong direction – namely to nag, rant and then moan to other women about their failing relationships.

What these women don’t realize is that their tongues could actually be the solution to all of their boyfriend-related problems! If you want to get more out of your relationship, and get your man on your…

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